Friday, February 20, 2009

What do you REALLY want to know?

I'm entertaining the thought of doing a q&a like I keep seeing everywhere. Do I really think I am that exciting? Not so much, however this could be fun. So, email me at or leave me a comment here and we'll see if maybe I cant make it worthwhile.

One rule.....if you have met me in real life....ahem, mommy board can't girls know me inside and out anyways......

Ask away..........

26 people fed my need for attention:


DAMN!! You are NOT FUN!!!

Just one question from me? I'm your favorite anyways :P


take another percocet princess


Okay, I'll play, I love these! How did you come to choose the names of your children? I always want to know that one.


Shit, Kami. Are you sure you really want to know that one?
Three words for you.



you stop it Melissa. Or I will out your other blog all over bloggy world.

(and no cabbage patch kids)


Famous words...

I will CUT YOU!

Janna Bee

Here's a question and maybe you have answered it before: are you going to have more children?

Kelly Syferd

No fair!! Ohhh, I could come up with some good questions.

Bee and Rose

You gals are a hoot! Here's my much wine does it take to get you seriously wasted nowadays? One hundred?? Next question...what is the weirdest thing you have ever done while drinking wine? And finally, are you a cheap wino or do you lean toward pricer wines????

Bee and Rose

ok...I have not been drinking..I meant pricier wines...duh...'s another, white...which do you or bottle?????

Jim Brochowski

Oh wow! This is gonna take some thought. Can you see the smoke coming from my head?

Kelly - If you have suggestions...

No, no - that would be cheating. ;-)


Well, I just became a bloggy friend of yours, so I wanna would you react when you finally got some sleep in your house?


What's your favorite color?

How did you and hubby meet?


when did you get your uggs? what kind do you have?

where is the craziest place you have ever done the deed?

yeah, i know very nosy, but hey, why not? lol

Bee and Rose

I'm baa-aack...bwahahahaha....

Would you like to write a book and what kind? (You really should write a book, you know...)

Do you enjoy celebrating holidays? Do they include wine? (hee hee hee...)

Why did you choose your wedding date? Was it based on time of year? Time off work?

The Wife O Riley

Describe the worst trip you've ever been on.


I'm new here! What a great blog :)

3 Bay B Chicks

Oh, oh, oh...pick me, pick me!

How did you parents come up with your name? As a fellow member of the "Why Can't You Say or Spell my Name Correctly? Club", inquiring minds want to know.

Oh, and the comment that you left on my "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" post still has me laughing...don't put out. Brilliant.


I really want to know when we are going to have our next girls weekend? Holla!


Oh my gosh! I have some good ones, but you've banned us! So, I'll just ask...I'm your favorite right?? You love me the most?? I know you do!!:)


What have you done for YOU lately? ;)


No fair - we can't play! Oh well, I'll look forward to reading the replies.

RE: new moon. I thought she wasn't going to publish that one? Something about the first draft getting leaked or something?

Alexis AKA MOM

Ok girl bring on the most embarrasing moment ... LOL

Come on I know before kids you were even wilder. Yes that means I know your wild now ... LOL


I am NO good at asking good questions..I'm not even going to try! I look forward to hearing your answers to the ones that were asked!


How long have you been scrapbooking? Who is your favorite scrapbooker (famous one, that is)? Have you ever gone on a scrappin' retreat? If yes, where?

Speakin' of scrappin', your book is in the mail. Please let me know when you get it, and what you think. If you hate it, just lie. I can't handle the truth :)


I just wanna request some pics of your scrapbook pages, so I can steal your ideas.. I mean, get inspired.

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