Friday, February 27, 2009

My Parenting Skillllzzzzz

I know that it may be a hard concept to stomach but I truly am deserving of an award for Mother of the Year. At the very least a nomination.

Just a few of the tools that I use in raising my children…..

Negotiation -Children cannot truly develop without learning the art of negotiation. It is important in their adult life so they may as well learn it at an early age. Who’s to say that M&Ms for crapping the potty cannot someday translate to $$ for the crap you will produce in your career?

Learning to respect authority: For instance the following conversation with Pierce
"Why do you always get to tell me what to do"
"Because I'm the boss"
"Who do I get to be the boss of?"
"sorry bud, you don't get to be the boss of anyone"
"Can I be the boss of Mallory?"
"No" "Can I be the boss of the dogs?"
"No bud, Scarlet bites remember....she is the boss"
"Well, I cannot wait until I grow up so I can be the boss of myself"

The Art of persuasion—Mallory is WAY better at this then her brother—one day as we were on the couch with her up my ass snuggling….
"I want my milk"
"It's right there, go get it"
"I want Pierce to get it" (I wan Piewce did it)
"Pierce is not going to go get it Mallory, it is RIGHT there, get it yourself"
"I want Pierce to get it"

And then…..Pierce all exasperated gets up, sighs very loudly walks over to get the milk, shoves it in her direction and says "HERE Mallory" and sits back down. To which Mallory says..."thank you Pierce" (tank you Piewce")

Family togetherness.-There is more bed hopping in my house then in a brothel. Most nights Mallory is in bed with us by midnight because quite frankly….I'm a bitch if I don’t get enough sleep and I don’t have the energy to fight with her in the middle of the night. However, because I am getting to the point where I am over this…..her new big girl bed MIGHT have to come with straps

These are just a few things that I practice daily with my children. After all, they ARE the future of our world.

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23 people fed my need for attention:


We had a thunderstorm this morning that woke everyone in the house up at 4:30.

I made a makeshift "breakfast" and when it was gone, I told them it was nap time and shoved them back in bed...

Oh! Glorious sleep!


I will have to bookmark this post for future reference! Stand up and get your award! *applause*

Hey Mama where's my...

I nominate you!! You ain't doin' nothin' that we ain't done!! It's all about survival lol~ Oh yeah, we need some good weather people who can maybe get it right!! Go Pierce :)


It's always good when someone appreciates everything you do, even if you have to do it yourself!

Sounds like you do great work.

Love the pictures too!

Kristina P.

I like to practice beating as well.

Bee and Rose

You are truly mother of the year even for the mere fact that you (like me) just say "heck with it" and let the monkeys climb in the bed! I am just too tired to deal...oh...not to burst your bubble, Cat has a beautiful new shabby chic princess canopy bed...gorgeous...she's still comin' in my room...sigh...

(Banana clip is heading to the dump...I am whacking my hair off in a few weeks...)

Connie Weiss

Just awesome!

I have recently threatened to duct tape certain toddlers to the couch....and A is all *mommy do it* and M is all *I do it* And Mommy is all *WINE, more WINE*

have a great weekend!


OMG, you should get an award!

"don't let me go all Joan Crawford on your ass!"



I am soooooooooo happy my babies don't want to sleep in my bed. I have enough problems trying to sleep with the snoring sperm donor. I mean, my loving husband. :)


Thanks for visiting my blog. You are one funny lady and I have wasted way too much time reading your posts. I have bathrooms to clean for crying out loud!


Love your stuff. Wicked sense of humor!
HOW do you do the strikethroughs???? I just cannot figure it out!!!


I loved that conversation between you and Pierce about who's the boss. If I have children, ever, I cannot wait to have that dialogue.


I use the "I'm the boss" one with the kids I nanny for!

R Susanna

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I love yours! I tell my girls that I am the boss of them all the time. My oldest says "When are you not going to be the boss of me?" I always say "I'll be your boss for the rest of my life."

The Wife O Riley

Those are fine skills. They have to learn them sometime, it might as well be early enough for their little sponge brains to absorb.

We must have read the same parenting book. (She says as both kids are in her bed watching Noggin and have no intention of getting out)

Alexis AKA MOM

OMG I almost died with the Joan Crawford! You kill me and girl I'm so there with you! Perfect mom I would really love to met because most days I'm just hanging by a tread wanting it to be a good day ... ha-ha


i am def nominating you, these are tips that we can all use:) frequent negotiating on things can be useful for parents too, it helps us learn which tools shut our children up the fastest when we are out in public:) ha! have a great weekend!


I'll nominate you :)
Visiting from SITS!


I hear you on the bed-hopping. Sometimes you just need the sleep. (Abigail's prime time for hopping is 2-4 a.m.)


Hey Cammie,

Thanks for stopping by off SITS.
Your kids are gorgeous....I'll be back to visit soon.....


My daughter has finally come to (happy) terms that she is the boss of her toys. Whew! My son on the other hand stronly believes he is the boss of his little sister. And it's driving. Me. CRAZY!!!


Good to know. Tucking it away for future use. ;0P


That is terrific!

My dd2 ended up calling Poop 'lollies' for a few years becuase of my negotiations with the M&Ms LOL

Love how Mallory persuaded her brother to get her milk:)

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