Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Intervention Needed. STAT

My children need a visit with this man pronto.

Do you know who he is? This is Ken from the show "Intervention" on A&E. I loooove this show. Love watching the train wreck that ensues on each one. Don't get me wrong...I love what they do and I love when the person on the show actually recovers.....but I also love watching it. Ken is one of the guys who talks the addict into getting the help that they need.

I digress......MY kids need an intervention from the following.

Never in my life as a mommy (I'm five years into it so clearly I am an expert) did I ever think that I would have to encourage my children to step away from "the bowl" this early in their lives. Sadly though, Pierce and Mallory have a addiction to Glad Ware. They can't even be on the good stuff because we are too cheap for Tupperware. We are also WAY early into this problem because admitting that you HAVE a problem is the first step to recovery and we are no where near that.

I find their paraphernalia everywhere. In the toy room, under the coffee table in the living room, once even in the bathroom. They make no effort to hide their addiction from me. They even have become a bad influence on the Yorkie because they leave their residue in their bowl and he comes along and cashes it.

You would probably call me an enabler because most of the time I am the one who passes them the bowl. Lately they are getting brave enough to get their own bowl though.

Everything, and I mean everything must go into the bowl for consumption. It starts first thing in the morning with their poptart. It must go into a bowl, it must NOT be consumed from the package. EVER. Upon returning from school we pick up right where we left off. Their next fix....generally a cracker or fruit snack of some sort....must go into a bowl. They tend to have the munchies when we get home from daycare even though I am CERTAIN they have bowls there as well. Fruit snacks cannot be consumed from the bag and there MUST be a bowl for an apple. A whole apple mind you. Before bed we hit the bowl again. Cereal this time.....and yes, cereal DOES need to go into some sort of bowl so I generally do not make a fuss about this one. Enabler indeed.

All in all we probably go through 3 or 4 bowls each day per kid. Let me assure you, we pack these bowls good...even try to re-use them. I am not one to waste a bowl.

So please, sign us up for an intervention as soon as possible. At the rate we go through bowls in my house I fear that we may never recover. I don't know.....maybe I am just paranoid.....

22 people fed my need for attention:


ha! I have never heard of a gladwear addiction!!! too funny!


Too cute! I love that show, too!

Bee and Rose

I'm feeling your pain...Cat is a Gladware addict too...She has moved beyond snack foods to using them as swimming pools for Polly Pocket (shudder), crayon totes (eek!) and the dreaded portable Barbie shoe holder...


i totally am addicted to that show! ( haha i know fabulous choice of words). while i do love gladware, i must say, as far as habots go, i'm afraid to mention ours go in the direction of paper plates. we must eat off them. for gooey things, we double or even triple them,but use a real plate? do we even have real plates anymore? i actually bought new plates this year for thanksgiving 9 which incidentally was the first time i have ever in 8 years of marriage cooked thanksgiving dinner (whole other story). anyway, i hear you can get gladware at bj's in bulk....


We use plates with dividers... For some reason if food is served on anything other than a pink or yellow divided plate it will be immediately pushed away. What am I going to do when Target doesn't bring back the plates this season? Ahhhh!

Jim Brochowski

We have Friend's soup mugs like they used at Central Perk that I go through stages of having to eat everything out of.

Well not everything, just most things. My wife would probably like your intervention idea.

Good stuff as always.

Kristina P.

I love watching Intervention. Did you know the other interventionist, the older guy, recently relapsed himself? Very interesting.

And we don't have any Gladware in our house.

Mommy of M's

I've been noticing a bit of a bowl fetish at my house too. Is it a toddler thing?

And heaven forbid that we SHARE bowls!!


That's funny!

Alexis AKA MOM

Oh geez gladwear oh how I love thee, under the couch, under the bed with what I think was a gold fish cracker once upon a time, oh look you've even made it to the tub since my sink didn't get you clean enough! Hmmm ...

ha-ha I roll called under you today, doing my part to say hi! Now only if people would do the same for me, so many don't makes me want to cry ... LOL



Love intervention too!


I think I have a gladware addiction. Mine relates to storing EVERYTHING that can go in gladware in gladware, whether it be crayons, beads, leftover chicken, brownies, etc... I get them from buying coldcuts prepackaged in them, and then reuse, reuse, reuse.


Hahaha intervention. I am addicted to that show.

Connie Weiss

As an organized Mommy...I am all about using containers but our addiction is out of control too. The top rack of the dishwasher is always so full of plastic bowls that I can't fit glassware in there!


I think my Indians suffer from this same affliction. I can not even begin to count the number of times I have found our tupperware in drawers, under beds, in closets, the bathtub...the list goes on and on.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


I've never have seen intervention....

We have a similar addiction at my house..although they must be filled with goldfish or animal crackers.


Too cute!

I love gladware - that way I don't have to pitch a fit if/when the hubby doesn't bring home dishes that I sent with him to work.


LOL...we use them also not Tupperware...but not as much as you guys!


I'm sorry but you will have to wait for Ken because he will be at my home trying to convince my daughter from taking those same Gladware bowls and putting all matter of outside "flora" into them and rocks and refusing to empty them so that I may use them for the purpose for which they were intended.


That's going to be one habit that's hard to lick. Hang in there, the road ahead is a rough one.

Chef E

I found you through Alexis AKA Mom, and this is hysterical, well for me, not for you of course, but my youngest is 21 and he had a problem with getting a new glass for every thing. If it sat out for a while, a new glass, dinner a new glass, I would find them all over the house! We did not have glad ware, but i am sure if we did, I would be crying with you right now, but instead I am smiling from memories, so Thanks!


LMAO!!! You enabler, you! :0P

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