Friday, February 20, 2009

TGIF!!!! Purse Tag!

Do me a favor and go visit my bloggy friend Shannon. She has had a craptastic week and wants some pick me up comments. She is shooting for 25 but I bet we can get her more than that!!
Megan tagged me for that "purse" thing that is floating around. I took the pics and everything and then promptly forgot to download them at home. So we are going to play the "use your imagination version" (sorry Megan)
My purse.....picture is black.....and it is Prada.....I got it at a purse party so you KNOW it is authentic right.......
-a bottle of calcium pills-I say "no thank you" to osteoporosis
-2 wallets....because I am too lazy to finish the switch. One is a REAL Kate Spade...also bought at a purse party so once again....super authentic, the other is a cute little Vera Bradley wristlet thingy
-A ticket stub to my 2nd viewing of Twilight....Don't just never made it to the trash can
-An albuterol inhaler--from when I had bronchitis earlier this year
-2 lip glosses and 2 lipsticks. I am obsessed with lip color yet I never remember to put it on
-xanax AND RX strength IBP.....for my good days
-4 tubes lip ointment....Aveeno, Burts Bees, Neosporin and Keihls for you really nosy peeps
-Assorted Feminine Needs
Surprisingly that is all, but I recently switched purses so I am low on the random stuff.
Have a fabulous weekend! My plans are to find some sort of "art project" for my kids to do for their day care art show. The projects were due today. Mother of the Year.
I just realized that I forgot to TAG people for the purse thing. Excuse me while I hit publish post.

19 people fed my need for attention:


Thanks for pimping me out!! I'm gonna have to do this Purse Tag sometime soon! I have all kinds of goodies - although no Xanax...but I do have a Rx for that, too! :o)


This purse tag sure gets around!

My purse is always loaded with the unusual!


Your purse sounds cute!

I left a comment for your friend.

Have a great day. :)

Kristina P.

I am a purse whore, and I switch my bags out daily! But they all have a lot of trash and crap in them.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I never go anywhere without my Burt's Bees...


I've seen several do the purse tag..maybe I'll be brave next week and try it.

Take pictures of the art project!
have fun!

Bee and Rose

I have seen this purse tag everywhere! Thanks for the insight to your inner workings...

Love Vera Bradley, Burts Bees, Kiehls..could probably use some Xanax today myself....

No Twilight hatin' here, sister! I would carry that ticket for-evah..and put a big old lipstick print on it...


YOU LIE!! I know you pack heat in that beast! :P

Happy Friday, houch!



I've pictured it perfectly. ;0P LOL

Good luck with the art projects!


Melissa sent me your way! Your purse actually sounds a lot neater than mine. I feel like I have one of everything in there...and my shoulder feels it too!

Jim Brochowski

Well I can't play purse tag - I'm gonna say that's a good thing.

My hockey team has a semi-monthly contest to see who has the thinnest wallet i.e. carries the least amount of extra crap. I'm always in the middle. Actually pretty boring stuff.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Mommy of M's

I was so going to give you this tag, I just had to finish mine first. I thought for sure you would have some good 'stuff' in your purse!


OKay, I just dropped Shannon a comment. =0)

She's not at 25 yet, but hopefully soon!


Wow, thats an organized purse! My purse is HUGE and had all sorts of crap in it...


I'm picturing it and it's AWESOME!


Um, no. I can't picture it. Post pictures!


Mine was so boring, and I even forgot to mention my darling granddaughters photos which I always carry, and will gladly bore any sales clerk who will look at them. Before the granddaughter, I showed off my daughter's portrait with Barbie.
How pathetic!! I use to have candy bar wrappers, but the dog found them and sucked them out of the purse...


My purse has more garbage in it than yours!

And the only things clean and name brand in it is are my tampons.



wow! 2 wallets! :) sounds like something i would do... :)

thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

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