Monday, August 17, 2009

Why I am Mother of the Year

I generally don't brag about all the cool things that make me the best mom ever. Things like the fact that I have dropped a dirty word in front of my kids on occasion, or that I have left my house only to be told by a kid that I forgot to buckle them in. I don't tell you all how my kids sometimes eat McDonalds and when they wake up at 6AM on the weekends I will bribe them with a movie in my bed so I can score another hour or so of sleep. I don't want you all to know my awesome parenting secrets and try and overtake me as mother of the year. It is hard work being that awesome of a mother.

This weekend however, I went above and beyond the call of mommy duty. This weekend I purposely took a sick child into public location that caters to children. Let the judging begin.

I generally do not advertise to Pierce and Mallory when we have something cool going on. When I do, something usually happens that prevents us from doing said cool activity and then I pay for it for the rest of the day. I apparently lost my mind for a minute on Friday when I told Pierce and Mallory that we would be going to COSI on Saturday. COSI is a super cool kid-ish museum that adults actually do not hate because the stuff there is also cool enough for us to enjoy. We go to COSI quite a bit but this was a special visit because Wyatt from the show Super Why was going to be there! Pierce and Mallory LOVE Super Why and I also kind of like them because they teach reading skills and they don't make me want to pour bleach in my eyes like THIS show, THIS show and THIS show.

Friday Pierce had mentioned to me off hand that his throat was sore. He did not have a fever and was acting fine so I did not think much of it. Sat am rolls around, the kids are way excited to be seeing Super Why and Pierce tells me again that his throat hurts. Better safe then sorry right? Off to the Dr we go and as we are waiting on his throat culture to come back Pierce is telling the Dr all about our planned visit to COSI. When she comes back with our diagnosis of strep and tells Pierce he needs to stay home today his little face just fell and broke my mommy heart into pieces.

WWMOTYD (What Would Mother Of The Year Do?) She waits until we get to the car and tells Pierce we are going anyways but that he can't touch anything and we would only be staying for a little bit. I doused him in anti bacterial gel and took my kids to see Super Why.

You may now proceed to poke me with your pointy mommy spears

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22 people fed my need for attention:

Connie Weiss

As long as he didn't touch anything....

We love SuperWhy too!



Yeah, I think I am up for Mother of the Year too! I dropped my 10 month old on his head last week! Seriously, he catapulted off of the changing table when I picked up the bulb he knocked out of my hand. Yeah, felt real bad about that one, but he is moving his extremities, so all is well! :p

Don't blame yourself too much! :)

Mommy of M's

Love it!!

I remember when I had chicken pox it was on the Sertoma Pancake Day (big deal in a little town) and I was crushed that I couldn't go. My mom put concealer on my face and hands and made me wear a turtle neck just so I could go have pancakes!! I'll never forget that.


Love it!! Poor kid has strep! He needed to see Super Why! Why? Because he's going to be in horrible pain due to the strep later! I hate strep! :( Poor kid.


It's not like he had small pox or anything terrible. Just think of it as doing a public service and keeping the pediatrician's office in business. You know, these are hard times and all ;)

Let me tell you why they nominated me one time. We live 45 minutes from Chuck E. Cheese (thank God) and when Colby was smaller he loved it there. Every time we had to go even close he would beg to go, we would always tell him that it was closed. One day we finally decided we would take a trip down and actually let him go in. We walked up to the door and a construction worker met us on the sidewalk and said they were remodeling and it was closed. I cried. Right there on the sidewalk, just burst into tears in front of the construction worker. Colby, he was okay, he was used to it being closed~

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Well it's not like it was leprosy or anything.....

You get down with your awesome mommyness!


COSI is amazing!! I went as a twenty something and loved it.
My kids drop a cuss word once in awhile, guess I'm Mom of the Year too.


HAHAHA!! I'm sure you aren't the first Mommy to do that. And darn sure aren't going to be the last!! :)


ummm... I probably would have done that too.

I still remember when I was little and I didn't get to go on a field trip because of poison ivy.


I think you deserve Mommy of the Year, too!! And hey, at least you were responsible and respectful of others in that you tried to prevent the spread of germs. It's one thing to take your sick kid and be careful not to spread the germs than to take them and pay no mind whatsoever to how the interact with other kids and shared items.

Kami's Khlopchyk

I would have done the same. Sometimes you just have to break the rules!


YOUR SON IS YOUR LITTLE TWIN. Wow he looks just like you!!

Kristina P.

I am judging you. I think.


Aww, you should get Mother of the Year, because hey, even with a sick child, you gave a great memory and THAT is the important thing!

Janna Bee

Poor Super Why! He's probably at home with Strep right now! I wouldn't worry too much.

Seriously though- I deserve Mom of the year... I put my son to bed at 6:45 last night without changing him into PJS or brushing his teeth. (He wouldn't stop crying!)

I'm just me...

I am totally not judging you. Sometimes a mom just has to do these things. Cosi is awesome, I haven't been there since I was a kid.


Eh. What's a little strep among strangers? They'll never know...
SuperWhy is so much cooler than Yo Gabba Gabba! And much less stab-inducing!!
I'm sending in your nomination to the MOTY folks right now.

The Wife O Riley

My mom took my sister and I to the 4th of July parade when we had chicken pox.

School he can miss, but Super Why is way too important!

E @ Scottsville

Thanks for making all of us feel more 'normal'. =0)

You ROCK Cammie!

I've the perfect mother, didn't ya know? NOT!!!


Tammy Howard

I have a MOTY trophy shined up and on display somewhere around here... I'd show it to you, too, if I could just find it amongst all the clutter...

COSI - we might be neighbors...


LMAO. I'd probably do the same thing!

COSI completely rocks! I went when I was younger and would love to go again but it's a ways away!

Hope Pierce is feeling much better and I hope your itchy throat is all in your head!


Most moms would have gone to the museum first and doctor second, unknowingly exposing strep to everyone. So you did a fantastic thing! LOL

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