Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dirty Jobs

Sometimes while flipping through channels Joe will stop of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. If you don't know what this show is this guy goes out and finds the nastiest jobs that are out there and then jumps in and does said job. Some I remember from the past are maggot farmer and roadkill cleaner. My favorite USED to be the episode where he made wine until this little gem came on last night. As you can imagine I approve of any job that involves processing dead geese.

So, Kindergarten.......we love it! He is having so much fun and making some new little friends. He has mentioned a little girl named Melia a few times....I think he may have a little crush on her. I met her today and expected her to be blond hair blue eyed like his other 2 past "loves" but she is a brunette. There is a ladder with different color rungs on it and all the kids start on green and can move up to blue or purple (YEAH!!) or down to red, yellow and I think black (boooo) 2 kids already had notes sent home on the 2nd day of school. Pierce made it to blue yesterday and said he was going to go to purple (the top). We shall see.

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We watched that one last night too... until they started gutting them and cutting open the stomach... not something you want to watch while eating!!

The Wife O Riley

I'm glad Pierce likes Kindergarten, it does make life a little easier. My daugther had a crush on a little boy in Kindergarten and then this year, her 4th grade year, he had a crush on her. It's a little like Days of Our Lives.


I used to love that show, but then it got too gross! ick!


Yay for kidnergarten!

Dirty jobs eeek that show usually makes me queasy LOL

Kanchan Mandal
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I love Dirty Jobs...I kinda have a crush on Mike Rowe...just a bit. Funny that he should do a show on dead geese...did you TIVO it for future viewing pleasure?


I Heart Mike Rowe, that is one fine, dirty man, Girlfriend if you know what I'm sayin' and I know that you do.
I'm glad Pierce is off to a good start in school.

Kristina P.

Geese really seem to find you.

Jim Brochowski

When I saw the show last night I instantly thought of you. Glad you got to see it.

Sounds like Pierce is rockin' Kindergarten. Gotta love it!


My hubby likes that show too.


Dirty Jobs may make me queasy,
But Mike Rowe makes watching easy. ;)


Every time I have turned on Dirty Jobs, they are doing something that makes my weak stomach turn. Sooooo... I try to avoid that. :)

Glad Kindergarten is going so well :)


LOL...I usually watch this show (go figure, nerd TV.) As soon as I saw this I thought about you...glad you saw it!


I love Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe is so... manly!! Grrrr!

My youngest starts Kindergarten next week. Oh how the time flies!


Good stuff sister! LOL!


I love Mike Rowe!!!


What about the one where he was harvesting some kind of plant/animal thingy. "Gooeyduck" or something like that? Ew.

I gotta give him credit. He does stuff I would NOT do!

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