Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Kids Said WHAT?? Edition: 3

Here we are almost at the end of another week. Time once again to unleash the wisdom of the kids in our lives. Don't does not have to be YOUR kids. I am looking RIGHT at you Kristina! You are a social worker....don't tell me you don't hear some crazy stuff on a daily basis

My edition is heavy on the Pierce side with him starting school this week. Let's start with day 1

Mommy to Pierce after getting him all dressed for his first day of school "Buddy, go look in the mirror and see how handsome you are in your uniform". Pierce to Mommy "I don't have to, I already KNOW how handsome I am". Well is nice to know he does not have issues in the image department.

Later that day after school he informs me....."Kindergartners say MOM not from now on you will be Mom" Thank GOD that did not stick. I'm so not ready to be just "MOM" yet.

Joe had a conversation with Pierce this week that went something like this...
"Daddy, I know how to speak cowboy"
"You do??"
"Yep, I do. You know the number 9?"
"um, yes, I know the number nine"
"Well in cowboy you say it naaahhhhnn(insert heavy John Wayne accent here"

Only one goodie from Ms Mallory this week. We apparently did not pay her much attention this week with her brother starting kindergarten. The back story is that I told her that she had a froggy in her throat a few weeks ago because she was a little raspy. She literally thought that there was a frog in her throat. Later that week she told me that she had swallowed it and it was now in her belly. Which explains why she told me earlier this week after finishing her poptart...."I gave it to the froggy. He was hungry"

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so did he learn how to speak cowboy at school? the things kids learn these days


So cute! Love the froggy story!

DiPaola Momma

Yeah Kristina had better come up with something here or I'm stealing her freakin' Snuggie!

Hey Martha, Queen Nugget for the Day, over at my blog gave you some props.. come visit.

Baby News

Kids are SO funny. Very cute...all of it!

E @ Scottsville

Well, the frog may have been a short one for Mallory, but it was a DOOZIE none-the-less. How cute that she felt the need to give him food. =0)

Glad Pierce isn't having self-esteem issues! That was cute.


Haha! Love the one about the froggy--I still don't think my kids understand the term Hold your Horses!


Oh I love it!! My kids are always coming up with something worthy of this!! I will deff be joining up!

I am visiting from Erica's blog, BTW!

I'm just me...

This is some funny stuff! Poor Mallory, at least she is keeping that frog fed.

I love me some cowboy talk! Especially when it's from the hotty, unbuttoned shirt, sweet talking, maam saying type. But that's a different post altogether.

Kristina P.

Oh, man! Talk about pressure!

I did have a kid tell me once that he had basically been staying at a friend's house for a week, and his mom thought he was at Scout Camp and he came home with all these hickies on his neck. It made me laugh for like an hour.


HAHAHAHA!! Those were great! Love the naaaaahhhhnnn and froggy ate it :) good stuff :)

Jim Brochowski

Love these.

Our girls still call us Mommy and Daddy. They'll say "My Dad or My Mom" to their friends, but they yell at us if we say "Ask your Mom," or "ask your Dad."

Good stuff Cammie!


Your kids are amazingly Cute!! I'm in gathering mode of cute things, it gets harder when they are older. They smell funny too.



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