Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st Annual Run for Row 5K Memorial Run

I made it back from Buffalo in one piece. Barely. I cannot even tell you what an honor it was to share this weekend with Andrea and her beautiful family. Her strength is amazing, she is beautiful, her babies are beautiful. It was awesome to see over 300 people come together in memory of her husband Matt.

This weekend was SUPPOSED to be low key....our lovely hostess had other plans and surprised us with a buffet and OPEN BAR at a restaurant the night we all got in. Things went a little downhill that night but it was sooooooo worth it. Sunday morning however was a little rough. We all made it to the run (barely) and the girls who ran it did AWESOME!!!! I was SO SO proud of them. I never intended to run it but once I saw people finishing 20 minutes in me and a few others thought we would be better suited to cheer our friends in and take pictures as they crossed the finish line. In other words, we bailed. But, we were there to support Andrea and the awesome charity for her kids and that was the important part for me.

Andrea, I love you to pieces....I love your kids to pieces. GOOD LUCK with the move this week. Can't wait till we can all come and ascend on you in LA

Sat night, before things got fuzzy.

Toasting to Matt...can you look close and guess which hand is mine?

Matt's family all wore shirts with his picture on the back, such a handsome man.....

All of us together post race. Not to bad since most of us were hungover. Andrea is in the very front in black.

Before we left yesterday AM. My car is a bit notorious because I have a personalized plate, a Mickey Mouse hitch cover and family stickers with Mickey Mouse hats. It's how I roll and they are all just jealous.

I'm going to let you use your imagination on the details of the weekend. It was not AS bad as the trip in Feb (though I did not puke on THAT trip...but I also was not drinking wine out of a carafe on that trip either) We had so much fun and even though I miss my friends, my liver is so glad we can only do this a few times a year.

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12 people fed my need for attention:


glad you made it back and what a wonderful thing to do for your friend. she's a lucky girl to have friends like you.


You are a real mensch. It looks like a lovely tribute to Matt and his family.

Jim Brochowski

What a great tribute. Glad you had a good time!

E @ Scottsville

What a great things for you gals to do. I'm proud of ya, Cammie! Great job --- CHEERING THEM ON! Seriously, moral support is PRICELESS. =0) And a lot more painless, so you rock on!



Kristina P.

You guys are all awesome!


so glad you all could get together and for a good cause to boot!
me thinks andrea needs to make the next jersey gtg!

Tammy Howard

It is wonderful to have a group of friends like that. I'm glad the race was a success.

Captain Dumbass

Cheering your friends on across the finish is just as good as running.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly)

That's great that you did that for your friend. Looks like you had fun. Good no puking.


It's greaat to have a group of friends like that! You have a lovely blog! Following you now :-)

Big Mama Cass

How awesome!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your van! I want an Odyssey sooooo bad!


What a wonderful way to honor her husband and help out a friend in need all at once.

Love the Mickey's!

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