Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I hate Geese- Chapter 71

The little bastards continue to terrorize the world. One sweet bystander at a time. Their newest victim.....Sally who is one of my favorite blogging buddies. I curse them for you Sally.....and welcome you with open arms into the "I Hate Geese" club. Please feel free to take my little sign over to the right. I hope you recover from your assault soon, find a support group and get some xanax.

In keeping with the theme.....last night was week 1 of a photography class. It was awesome. I learned some new stuff about my camera settings but since it was just week 1 he spent a lot of time showing slides of pictures that he had taken to talk about different things. No less than 5 of them were pictures of geese. I am really excited about the next 5 weeks of this class but I swear if he shows geese pictures every week I just might snap

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15 people fed my need for attention:


Are you gonna post some photograpy on here? I'd love to see what you learn!

Baby News

I'm not a big fan of geese either. They're not nearly as nice as they look.

E @ Scottsville

Man, only You Cammie could go to a photography class and find yet MORE geese. Only you. Well, and maybe Sara. She seems to be like that, too. =0)


It's definitely a conspiracy... the geese are after you! You and your geese stories never fail to crack me up!!

Kristina P.

I had no idea that geese were so evil!


I so want to go to a photo class. I can't wait to see your work!

Kami's Khlopchyk

Okay, geese are ugly. Period. I don't know who would take photos of them and then show them at a class. How's about a nice sunset or something? Sheesh.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short)

Cammie, I have been following you all morning in commenting. I figured it was about time to come on over and meet you!

I would love to take a photography class (and a suppose my blog readers would love it if I did too!)

The Wife O Riley

Maybe you can show him a picture of you kicking a goose.


i hate geese - but not as much as ducks - we have too many of them - and not the cute kind either - the kind that look like they walked out of a sewer kind yeah yuck!


where are you taking the class?


I hate geese too!

The Rambler

Ya, can't wait to photos as you progress in class.

I hate birds. Therefore, I hate Geese.



Good luck w/the photography class and I hope the instructor makes it a Geese Free Zone.


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