Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I cannot possibly be the mother of a kindergartner

Whew. Thank God I'm not. At least not for 5 more days...yeah, he starts early. I cannot possibly be a mother to a kindergartner because I just had him a few months ago didn't I? I know I did not just buy school supplies and attend kindergarten orientation because he just started walking last week.

I can already tell that this transition from day care to real school is going to make me cry. Joe and I took Pierce to see his school and meet his teacher last night. When I walked into his class and saw his little cubby with his name on it and all of the little class decorations with all of the kids names' I wanted to just go rock in the corner. How on earth does time go by so fast?? I can't be a mom of a kid in SCHOOL because I feel like a kid myself still sometimes. I swear I looked at the other moms and dads and felt like I looked so much younger than them and I know I'm not. How is it that he shows no fear in walking into that class and right up to the other kids and starts to play...I know that is good but he just seems so darn independent. Filling out all those PTO forms and information about him just seemed so surreal.

Pierce has been in day care since he was 8 weeks old. I have never been a stay at home mom so it is not like he is just going into a school scenario for the first time but this seems so different. He is so excited. Joe and I are excited about the raise it seems like we are getting in now only having one kid in full time day care.

I know I will have one meeeelion pics to post of his first day of school. Today though I am going to take a little trip down memory lane.....

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Excuse me while I go stab myself

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19 people fed my need for attention:


awww! You'll do great on that first day!

Love the pictures! You should post pictures more often!! Cute kiddo!


Ohhh, I remember this all too well. When Kielee started I stayed strong long enough for her to walk into class, and then I lost it. Just be happy he's so excited, I felt so sorry for the mommies that had the little ones who didn't want to go. As if it wasn't heart wrenching enough.

Connie Weiss

I am dreading this day.....and it feels like it's coming so fast...I mean the KID is wearing size 5 clothes already.

Hang in there Mom!

Kristina P.

You will both do great!


I feel so bad for you!


Whatever you do, step away from the knifes! On the bright side you still have one more kiddo whose not in school! Yeah not helping, I know. I'm sorry!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short)

Definitely... on his first day, take some kleenex with you!


On Elijah's first day, I followed the bus to school in my van, so I could more pictures. Bad idea. He was totally fine; I was a bawling mess, trying to hide the tears from him so he wouldn't be sad. No worries there; he ran right in without a look back.

Now he's going into sixth grade.

You will cry. He will be fine. Just one more badge to put on your motherhood lanyard.

(Loved the trip down memory lane!)

Kelly Syferd

You are going to be a blubbery mess just like I was. I thought Kindergarten was hard but I am having major anxiety towards first grade. What will my baby do without me all day long?


LOL Don't stab!!! You gotta make it until girlie goes to Kindy as well! I feel your pain, though...sort of. My boy technically doesn't make the age cut off for public school kindergarten, but he's starting kindy at his daycare, which they consider "private" kindy. I WISH I had that raise you're getting. ONE MORE YEAR. And you'll be okay.....just keep pulling out the memory lane pics. :)

The Rambler

Are you trying to make me cry?

No stabbing. Got it?

Good luck on the first day. Can't wait to see photos.



Pass the Kleenex, I'm all misty eyed over here.
You are one Gorgeous Hot Pregnant Lady, same for the Not Pregnant Edition also.
Hmm, it goes so quickly that my oldest son is starting 9th grade next week, so hurry up and pass the dagger, will ya??


how sad :( you know Ashlyn is about to be 3 and wants to go to preschool SO bad but I just don't know if I'M ready for it!!!!

time goes by entirely too fast. now I want to cry, thanks for the reminder! LOL

beautiful pictures!


You can do it! He'll do great!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Oh, so sad! I was here last year. I cried. And? I work at the same school, so it was worse. HIs classroom was RIGHT across the way from mine, I could look out my classroom window and into his. Pretty healthy.

ps. Dang geese hissed at me last night. Idiot.

Kami's Khlopchyk

Dude, when your BABY starts school, come talk to me. I'll be self medicating with vodka in 3 weeks if you need me....


awwwww! so DAMN you were a gorgeous pregnant mom! i looked like i got beat with a stick (ugh) and your son is SOOOO cute! i know how time flies and its insane! Jimmy is only 18 months but I swear I SWEAR its only been a couple weeks since I gave birth. Crazy


This scares the crap out of me and my kid is only 20 months old. I think it will be about 20 years till I can handle thinking about her going to school...with all those other scary kids...little shits. Excuse me. I mean little cuties.
Good luck to you and Pierce!!

Adventures in Mother Venture

Good luck! I'm there this year too! I envision myself running home and getting as much "stuff" done in the 2.5 hours they call half-day here in Minnesota!

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