Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, we made it. By "we" I mean Joe and I. Pierce of course was fine. This morning was fairly uneventful. Pierce was not at all nervous or scared about starting a new school. He pretty much was just all ready to go. We packed his little back back with his school supplies, dressed him in his super cute uniform and out the door we went.

The school that he is going to is a charter school which means it is a public school but you have to apply to get in. He will be in kindergarten full days which is awesome. The school also has 20 extra days in the school year which I don't LOVE but if that is the only thing I have to complain about I'm good. It is a brand new can practically still smell the paint

A funny observation.....we were in the gym where they serve breakfast and right next to the window where the kids can pick up food there was a sign that read..."Gabrielle is allergic to peanuts, Alexandra is allergic to milk and cats" Ummmmm. Cats?

His little room was all ready for kids to wreak havoc on. Mrs M asked Pierce to try and find his name at his little table which he did. He knows that he will make all sorts of new friends today. He has also already given me a few gems for this week's "The Kids Said WHAT?"

All ready to go! And yes that is an Ohio State football helmet mailbox

At his table!

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So sweet!! I did not cry at all when Colby started Kindergarten but the last day the teacher sent home a poem that says something about they were giving them back to us and they were pounds heavier and inches taller and blah blah blah and I squalled like a baby over that. He looks so cute though!!!


Ahh, I remember when my baby started kindergarten...he's so cute! Hope he has a great day!


Can't wait to hear how his day went! Hope you're holding up well, Mom! :)


he looks so happy!!!!

I'm just me...

He looks so excited. I hope you are still doing ok. I pray I don't cry util after I leave Tink on her first day of preschool, it's coming up sooner than I care to admit.


Awwww!! His first day of Kindergarten!!! How sweet! He's such a cutie!

Kristina P.

He i s such a cutie! He looks like a little man!

The Rambler

OMG how fricking cute is he?

Good job on handling well today!



So cute!! He looks adorable & so excited! Glad you survived, I know it wasn't easy for you!


What a cutie! I can't wait to read all the gems he will provide to you. Seems like the school is a good one!

Mommy of M's

Well he sure looks happy!!



I'd watch it...hope they aren't serving cats for lunch...


OH now that is just too sad! He doesn't look one bit sad whatsoever and I don't even know him and feel sad LOL.

He's too cute!

I'm so not even ready for preschool!


Cammie, he is just. so . stinkin. CUTE! How do you not eat him up?! I just want to pinch those smiley, happy cheeks!
Good luck Pierce!
Good luck Mommy!


What a cute little man!!

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought

What a bittersweet day. He's so cute and excited!

Tricia McWhorter

Oh. What a cutie. I remember both first days of school for my daughters, oh so long ago. Wonderful memories to cherish. Enjoy.


Pierce is beaming!! Congrats on your son's first day of kindergarten. Love the mailbox btw.

E @ Scottsville

Awwwwwwwwww, I'm glad y'all survived HIS first day of Kindergarten! =0)

Did he love love love it?

I have my post for "The Kids Said What?" post all ready to go! Yep, I shall be joining you this week. And anytime my kids give me more 'ammo', I'll join! It was really fun to write it out.


Yay, that's so exciting. We don't have charter schools around here (so small)..but my kids go to a really small school... We don't start until the 24th around here... So we're trying to enjoy the rest of our summer break...

By the way, I've seen you "around" on other blogs, but this is my first time visiting yours. Fun stuff going on over here. I will be following-- and grabbing your button. Hope you have a great rest of the week! :)

Bee and Rose

Awww! He looks so happy! I love the first day of kindergarten!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly)

He looks so cute.


hahaha! how cute!

and are you in ohio?


OMG Cammie, he is just such a little cutie!!!
I remember those feelings when my first two(twins) started school, I was teary all day.......silly me!


He looks so excited, I suppose you had no choice but to feel okay about it. :) Congrats on the kindy-gart-ner. And I assume they mention the cat thing in case any kid who owns a cat and might have the hair and dander on their clothes can be cautious...? Just a stab.

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