Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Kids Said WHAT?? Edition:2

It is time for the 2nd edition of "The Kids Said WHAT??" Have you been keeping track of the cuteness this past week?

After kindergarten orientation on Tuesday he asked me if he had to go back to Pre-K at daycare. When I told him yes he responded with "I HATE it there, I don't want to go back" This shocked me because he loves his school, when I asked him why he said "Because I don't WANT to take a nap" Fast forward to today. It is his last day in Pre-K and I am picking him up at lunch so that he can go home with my mom and go to the place we are camping this weekend a day early. When we walk into daycare this morning he announces to all who have ears....."I don't have to take a nap today"

Last weekend while at a party for my friend Kelly a gaggle of geese flew over our heads (I totally looked that word up and find it amusing that GAG is in gaggle).When Pierce noticed the messengers of Satan overhead he turns to me and says "Hey Mommy....look....GEESE" Yes, even my son knows.

My sweet girl is not overly impressed by anyone whom she does not call Mommy. Some days this is cute, some days I would like to take a crap without her in my lap. I have 3 nephews and along with Pierce those 4 boys think that my mom is the most fascinating and wonderful person EVER. Mallory likes her....but when she leaves my house she is not in tears that maw maw is leaving. It drives my mother INSANE that her only grand daughter does not live and breath for her like the boys do. She spent the night at my house this week and was trying to get Mallory to hug and kiss her good night and Her Majesty was all "ummm, no" My mom proceeds to tell her that as the only grand daughter she is barking up the wrong tree because my mom has DIAMONDS. The next morning as my mom is leaving she tries to entice a hug and kiss out of her and Mallory looked at her and said "I want diamonds"

That's my girl

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17 people fed my need for attention:


I want diamonds too! LOL Cute girl!


she's a smart girl.

Baby News

The diamonds comment is awesome! So wish I could post things my little guy says, but that would consist of mamamamamama, dadadadada, bababababa, and AHHHHHHHHH.


omg! I love Mallory! lol "I want diamonds!" Brilliant!!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

What a smart girl!! I want diamonds too. Can my girls be pseudo granddaughters?


ROTFLOL! HA HA HA!! Diamonds.

Kristina P.

Mallory is hilarious!


Gosh, your kids are super smart and adorable, just like their Mom!
I played along today, thanks Cammie. Go Buckeyes!

Jim Brochowski

Love the word gaggle. Might have to make it WOTD.

Good job Pierce.

Sigh! I do not remember when I would brag about not having to take a nap.

Right on for Mallory too. All princesses need diamonds!

I played along today. Check it out.

I'm just me...

Mallory is my kinda girl! Your kids are too funny!

E @ Scottsville

Okay, you know we all type "LOL" as if we really laugh out loud. HOWEVEr, you know as well as I do that most of the time we don't ACTUALLY laugh out loud.

HOWEVER, this time, when I read the line "I want diamonds" from Mallory, I literally did LOL! ha ha ha

Great one Mallory! A girl who knows what she wants, when she wants it!


Yo Cammie!

I'm a friend of Jimmer's.

One day at dinner we were discussing something gross--I don't even remember all the details. Maybe someone actually mentioned the Donner Party. But my daughter's response was, "Speaking of cannibalism, the other day at school...."

It has become one of our legendary sayings.

Just wait until they get older.

The Snarky Queen


Lol at diamonds!!!


hey cammie!
thanks so much for stopping by and leaving that sweet message, i'm following you now... diamonds, smart girl! i love being mama to my girls!! ainsley is my "biggest fan" as i tell her everyday! LOL now about the kindergarden thing, welllll i remember when rebeka went and i cried and cried but let me tell you NOTHING like leaving her on her dorm steps and driving away in a taxi! NOTHING! :(


I want diamonds too Mallory :)

and Cammie,if you learn how to take a crap without her on your lap, pass on the wisdom, nnkay?


Just found your blog through A Sense of Humor is Essential and had to comment!
That diamonds comment is too too cute. One for the wedding day!


How stinkin' cute!!! Love the diamonds thing! She is a smart girl!!!:-)

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