Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Letter To My Children....#2

Dear Pierce and Mallory,

It is time for mommy to have another talk with you. A few months ago we had a talk about your morning habits. This time I would like to chat about dinner time. You know....the time of day where mommy serves you the meal that she daddy spent hours preparing for you. Oh WAIT a second....that is not what happens at all.

Let me try again.

Dinner time. You know....the time of day where we fight about what you will or will not eat. Let me take some time to point out the things that you WILL eat.

chicken nuggets
peanut butter and jelly
white rice
lunch meat

lather. rinse. repeat.

Now a few things that mommy has suggested for dinner that were not acceptable in your eyes.

Chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes....mind you this is the ONE thing that Mommy knows how to make and make darn well. Please do not look at it like I just served you dead rats on a platter.

Tacos. Mexican is mommy's favorite. Apparently it is not yours Pierce because you ran from me like they were loaded with poison darts just waiting to take you down.

Remember when Mommy made vegetable soup in the crock pot? Even daddy had to agree that is was good. I was so excited for the two of you to try it. Mallory, you took one look at it and told me you were "all done". Pierce, you at least tried it....after spooning it up and letting it fall back into the bowl a few times....you were not impressed to say the least.

It is not one of mommy's favorite times of day. The 2 of you will stare at me with utter confusion in your eyes when I say to you "we are going to try something new tonight" and immediately protest that you "don't like it" before I even tell you what it is. I can assure you that I am not trying to poison you..... ground up sleeping pills is NOT poison after all because sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Those threats about the starving children of the world.....they fall on deaf ears.....it is not helpful when you suggest to me that I "mail your dinner to them"

One final thing about dinner time.....when you declare to me that you are "all done" or "full" and I concede (after all, I am not mommy dearest) I expect that to mean that you are all done. I don't want to have the following conversation

"I'm full" (the visual here is that there is still at least half of your dinner on the plate)
"can I have a snack?"
"no, if you are still hungry than finish your dinner"

So please keep this conversation in mind. Tonight we may just go CRAZY and have something NUTS like pork chops. I promise you will make it through the trauma.


17 people fed my need for attention:


I found you on BSU! So glad I did!

I also have two very picky eaters... A lot of frustrated nights have come and gone. I have found three things to be true.
1) If you can spread it on a cracker, they will eat it.
2) If you put it on a kabob sitck, they will eat it. (I use the plastic kid friendly ones)
3) If you can bake it in a muffin tin they will eat it. I make my meatloaf this way and they gobble it up. If I put some of the same meatloaf into a loaf pan, they look at me like I have lost my mind...


This is too funny. My niece and nephew are picky eatters

I love the new blog you and Kel are doing. If I ever get a chance to read things other than blogs I know where to go.


Very funny! I have a house full of picky eaters...and it doesn't help much that their Daddy also refuses to eat green beans!!!UGH

I love Girls With Books!


I feel your pain. My kids are learning to keep their mouths shut, however. And my computer just deleted the rest of my post. And that about sums up my morning here on this beautiful (not) snow day.

Gonna go take a valium and go back to bed.

Not really, but a girl can dream, right?


My kid is just 13 months old, and ALREADY a picky eater. My husband tells me I am over-reacting when I stress about trying to get her to eat different things...things like meat, or, gasp, vegetables. She just WON'T, and we all know who wins when you duke it out with a 13 month old (yes, that would be me, crouching in the corner in utter defeat!)

Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?

This is like reading about my own children

The "I'm full"/"Can Ihave a snack" is a nightly ritual.

Came across you when you whilst blog hopping and the name of your blog attracted me. I too have had no sleep for 4 and a half years!


Haha... I have a picky eater at my house too!! It would be nice to make a home cooked meal and have him actually LIKE it!

Kristina P.

So funny! But, those foods they love are delicious.


This is my life...my oldest has a list equally short.

Of course, I don't look at it with nearly as much humour as you do ;)

(stick a fork in my eye, it's less painful)

Bee and Rose

Uh..can I copy and print this and insert my kids names up top???

Can I have a snack..what a hoot! I hear that a thousand times a day!!!

Seriously, Cammie..get all this stuff down in book form so we can give it rave reviews over at the new book blog!!!!


Mommy of M's

We have the EXACT SAME ISSUES every nite around 6pm.

M2 has started this new trend where he doesn't eat dinner, then gets up at dark o' clock and chuggs milk or water. Then pukes said drink and bile back up. It's great!

Mommy of M's

I lied, not M2 (he's on my brain today) M1!!

M2 will eat anything I put in front of him.

Hey Mama where's my...

OMGosh! My 7 year old does that, gets up from the table and says can I have a snack! Absolutely not young man, if you are still hungry sit back down and eat what I fixed, ugh!! Kids sometimes...:)


AFter you get yours taught, can you pop over and work on mine. They actually walk in, look at the table, and then ask "But what are we having?" Kids!

The Wife O Riley

Oh my, this is so my house!!! I can't try to make anyting new because they won't eat it.

I have an award for you!


I loved this! And, hey! I had first dibbs on "mommie dearest"!


Lol! We have a very similar rotating dinner menu. Abigail declares she's "All done!" then 2 minutes later says, "Cookie?". Nope don't think so!

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