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The parents in The House of No Sleep....aka myself and the husband....each have what we call a GIMME. No, not referring to any sort of golf term where a gimme means that they ball is so close to the hole that you just assume the next shot will go in (you like that Golf knowledge? I don't). A Gimme in our house is that ONE person who should he or she show up at our door the other spouse has to leave for awhile no questions asked. You following me here?

Now, before you think that Joe and I are some sick swinger type freaks, I need to make it known that our GIMMEs are not ever likely to show up at our is not like some hot chick up the street or a stud from my office.

For example. My Gimme:

Meet my secret boyfriend Josh Hartnett. I have had a stupid school girl crush on him since his days of The Faculty....which may just be one of the dumbest movies ever. Joe is aware that if for some reason Josh should ever come calling then he needs to find something to do. Just like I know that if this person.....

.......finds time between diapers and saving the world to come visit I need to go shopping or something.

Let's face it. Josh is going to show up WAY before Skankalina Angelina will. When you are sleeping with Brad Pitt you don't really NEED to go roaming now do you? Josh on the other hand.....not married, unattached, no kids. Game On.

Joe also knows that if I am ever so lucky that Edward comes crawling out of my Twilight book he needs to leave the house for awhile too......

Do you have a gimme?

27 people fed my need for attention:


I'll be honest... I'm surprised it's not Edward.

Mine is Gavin Rossdale. Ever since '94. Like a fine wine, he gets better with age. But he's happily married, blah, whatevs.

L & W

Hmmmm so many so many, how do I narrow it down? I would have to say Gerard Butler as his role in the movie 300. Yumm!


OMG, that's the funniest thing ever! I thought you were supposed to have a list of "three" and they were supposed to be on a card carried with you at all times (Ross laminated his if you're a "FRIENDS" watcher!)

ha ha ha

Good luck and take pics of Josh when he shows up. =0)



My gimmie is also Gerard Butler. After 300 & P.S. I Love You... I'm completely smitten.


I will confess my cougar gimme and let you know it is Orlando Bloom. I would kick my husband and kids out so fast.

Amy Lemaniak

Oh yes, I have one, and only one Gimme. Mine is Tim McGraw. No clue who DH's is though! maybe he doesn't have one! LOL


Oh wow. You're the first person I've "met" who's gimmie was Josh Hartnett. I heart him. Seriously, I have a box of Josh stuff. It's that bad. So...if you ever meet Mr Josh...send him my way when you're thru with him. :O)

Bee and Rose

I LOVE this post, Cammie!

Here's the list..Sean Bean, Gerard Butler, Robert Pattinson, Jared Leto, McDreamy, McSteamy...I could go on many little time...

I hear ya on the whole skankalina thingy...

Good times!

Groomer Angie

Oh I have a couple of them! Sam Elliott, Orlando Bloom and Trace Atkins!

Mommy of M's

Mine is Wentworth Miller(yes, I have heard the rumors, I don't think he is gay and even if he is I don't care)!

Hubby's is Danicka Patrick -you know, the Indy car driver. Apparently it's cool for chicks to drive fast cars...blah, blah, blah!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

You know my gimme! Sott Foley!


That's a good one!
If Angelina shows up at your door it's because Brad Pitt is at mine :-)

The Rambler

Okay, Ben Affleck I will send Hubby away for (a lengthy period of time) OR Brendan Frasier.

I don't know what it is about Ben. I am mesmerized by him that I don't care how bad/good his acting is :)

Sometimes you can't help who you bloggylovecrush!

Kristina P.

Can I tell you I love Angelina. I once did a Jen. vs. Angelina throwdown on my blog. I am so very, very alone.

Connie Weiss

Oh yes. We each have several on our list.

Bill Paxton (I would love to be his 4th on Big Love)
Christopher Gorham
Kenny Chesney

Selma Blair
Kate Beckinsale
Beverly D'Angelo


Sorry Amy (up there - I'm talking to you), but Tim McGraw is mine!! He just hasn't seen me yet!! I'm sure we could work out a schedule though - that is my singer pick, now my movie star pick is Paul Walker - yummy!!

I don't think the hubs has any - I'll have to check with him though - see who he has to say - this could be interesting.

Its great you and your hubs are so open and honest with each other - LOL!!


Oh yeah, we have gimmee. Joshua Jackson is mine. My husband has several but I think Jennifer Love Hewitt would be tops on the list.

We are pretty save with those!!!



Yeah, my hubby would say the same about Angelina. But Jennifer Love Hewitt - I swear every time her face is on a commercial (pretty often) he has to mention how pretty she it. I get it! :)

My GIMMIE? Let me think about it. Gerard Butler...there are possibilities there.

*Snort* Like any of these would ever show up at our doors! lol!


Rob Thomas - i like a man with musical talent (in my fantasy world...)


Gimme some of Matthew McConaghey ANY day!!

Hey Mama where's my...

OK, let me give you our lists (no, we NEVER talk about this lol)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (i don't know why)
Keith Anderson
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Randy Orton (no i don't watch wrestling, hubby does)

Angelina Jolie (must be the lips)
Shakira (must be the hips)
Jessica Simpson (must be the ditz) hahaha I kill myself lol!

I know there are more but I can't think of them right now~

The Wife O Riley

I have a list of 5.

Johnny Depp
Matthew McConaughey
Matt Damon
George Clooney
James Garner (But not now, Rockford Files and The Maverick James Garner) Don't judge.

I also have a zillion alternates who can make the list at anytime.


Hahahahaha! Yup, we have this too!!!! Lolololo!!!!!

Mine is George Clooney and the hubby's is Sandra Bullock


Yeah, most ppl know anyways!


Oh yes I think this is essential!

I have a list of Five and this is reviewed getting into a relationship, there are no switching. Once the list is made that's it, just in case another celebrity is met no excuse, they needed to be on the list!

I am still working on my list but I would say my number one would be..

Jessie Metacalfe
For anyone who doesn't know who this is he was the gardener on Desperate Housewives!


Mine is def Patrick Dempsey...


Oh vince vaughn has been my gimme for a very long time..... Oh, and the Dallas weather man from years ago. Scott Sams. mmmeeeooowww

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