Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A letter to my sister...by Pierce...age 5..dictated by Mommy

Dear Sissy,

I took a few days to come up with my reply to your letter because let's face it....I'm WAY more mature then you are. I am 5....I know EVERYTHING.

I think you have forgotten something. You may be the baby....but I was here FIRST. Which means I have been working the system that we call our parents WAY longer then you have.

First off....my toys. While I may share them with you it is not by choice....it is to avoid time out. I'm way to busy for time out. Don't be a hater....I know my stuff is way cooler then yours but that would probably be because I am way cooler then you. I can wipe my own butt and that right there says it all.

My room....yeah, I let you play in there. What you have yet to figure out is when you are in there I generally can get you to clean my stuff up. That's right.....you lose.

I have totally caught on to the fact that you sleep most of the time with mommy and daddy. Have at it ....just remember.....the dog bites. Have fun with that. While we are on the topic of sleep....can you please lose the drama at bedtime? We do it EVERY night....going to bed is not that big of a deal....you don't need to keep me up for a good 30 minutes past bedtime by calling mommy in every 10 minutes because you need covered up again or you need a totally different stuffed animal to sleep with. They may fall for that crap, but I'm tired....so be quiet already.

MY name is Pierce. Not Piewce.

Let's talk about your obsession with Mickey Mouse for a second. Sorry to burst your bubble but Mickey is FAKE. He is not real like Santa and the Easter Bunny. There are WAY cooler shows for us to watch like Imagination Movers, or Transformers. Let's broaden our horizons a little shall we?
I like to play with you. Except when I'm coloring. I am an AWESOME artist (mommy says so) so when I am sitting at the art table creating my masterpieces please leave me alone. Your stuff is all scribbly...mine is cool. Don't forget that.

I love you very much Sissy.....now go clean my room.


Now that that is taken care of.....I have an award to accept from the lovely Dawn at Bee and Rose. She is a fairly new bloggy friend and I love her blog.

This award says:

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

Passing this one on to

Becky at the Wife of Riley

My good friend Mel at Mama Loco....she is having a hard time, go give her some love---oh, she also has a fun new game to play on Tuesdays (that I just noticed....let's go play!!)

Ohio Kelly. Love her

Heidi at Mommy Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Kel The Girl in the Glasses....because we are going to kick up some sort of book blog soon right?

Kami Can you guess why?

Shalee at Sometimes It's Good to be Speechless

and fellow Twilight fan Jenny because I heart her blog

20 people fed my need for attention:

Bee and Rose

Wicked funny!!! I LOVE this! My son feels the same way about his little sister!!!

I love coming here! You make me laugh and that's very good for my soul!

Awesome post, Cammie! You really need to write a book of the letters "your kids" write to each other! (along with all those other books you need to write..lol!)


Totally makes it all better. Thank you.

Shalee- Be Speechless

Those letters from your kids are adorable.
Just how a mature 5 year old would put it.

Oh and PS thank you for the award :D


Your letter to Sissy.... oops, I mean your SONS letter to Sissy was tooooo cute! Very creative, Mommy!


Pierce and you are sooo funny! I love the letters. I hope you really write these so one day they can read them!


Too freakin funny! I am sure I will be there in a couple of years! Thanks for the chuckle! :)


love that letter from pierce...

Kristina P.

I love the Piewce line. Too cute!


Too funny! What great posts!


Sounds like Pierce has it down! He's just teaching it all to Mallory now. Watch out Mama! LOL

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Great letter!

Thanks for my award! I heart your blog too!

The Wife O Riley

Great response Pierce! It shows just how much cooler first children are! Thank you so much for the award, I will probably post it tomorrow! And I will go visit the other receipients!


Great letter to the younger sister. Very clever.


Because we share the coolest name there is of course! Thanks for the award, I like that one. That is really why I blog and try to make connections!


Love the letters between your kids, they slay me. Also they are so true!


SO funny! Makes me think of the Look who's Talking movies.

BTW - I started reading your beloved Twilight book yesterday. I'm to the part where James is with Bella's mom and Bella's just gotten off the phone with him. So somewhere around 3/4 done. I have to admit - I like it! And I didn't really think I would. ;)

I went to the movie's website - the trailer doesn't look as good as the book to me. Is it, IYO?


Wow. There is no WAY my kids could ever dictate such elequently written letters... Those kids of yours are pure genious. :)

Too cute. I love those. You should save those and read them to the kids when they get older! They may not have written them, but what great insight into their little personalities!!


Awww..."Piewce", does that just break your heart!?


Love this post- again!

I think you should do a letter weekly, they are very enjoyable.


that letter was adorable!!

and thanks for the award.. and yes, we are so going to do the book blog!


I LOVE the letter from Pierce! How do you come up with this stuff, seriously?!

I am working on your album, truly, I am. When is that girls' weekend, anyway?

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