Thursday, January 8, 2009

RIP Dear Diary Thursday

I know I have been slacking on Dear Diary Thursday since the last few Thursdays have been holidays. So I just pulled it out and was all prepared to bust out some cute stories when I realized that once I hit about 1oth grade the stories got less cute and more personal. That being said....I'm putting a fork in Dear Diary Thursday. If you missed out on any of Dear Diary Thursday just hit the link over in the labels.

Guess what? I won a blog give away! I'm so flipping excited about it too! Heather celebrated her 300th post and did a give away for it. I originally just won her husband Joe and thankfully he is too busy with his honey do list for her to follow through with that which works out great because I have my OWN husband named Joe. Instead Heather will be making me a custom made scrapbook which if you are a scrapbooker you know this is an AWESOME gift because it means that I don't have to do it! Thanks so much Heather! I would have preferred Edward but I know you can only do so much and really....if you had the ability to give him to me you would really just keep him for yourself. Who wouldn't? Oh wait....that would be Gina and Kristina.

Carry on.

7 people fed my need for attention:


Congratulations once again!

And I would probably SHARE Edward with you, but I couldn't possibly just give him away.

So, you get the scrapbook instead.

Hope you like it. Thanks for the shoutout!


Oh man..I'm sorry I have missed Thursdays, being a new reader. I can understand doing away with a certain theme. I've done that a time or two after they became more work than they were worth.

P.S. Congrats on the winning! You go girl!


Hey now! I'm just saying THAT Edward doesn't fit MY Edward in my head...

Kristina P.

Congrats on your win! And I will have to check out my new BFF Gina's blog!


Yay! Congrats! =D


Congrat on your win! I always wanted to learn how to scrapbook, but never put much effort into it.


congrats on your win!! I recently won one on Kim's Keepings and I was so excited!!!

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