Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

Time again for your weekly installment of "Not Me Monday" brought to you by MckMama. If you don't know MckMama or her story about miracle baby Stellan then I suggest you head over and get to know her. So, this past week was actually kind of boring.....

Joe and I did NOT send our kids to daycare even though he was home on vacation all week. We do NOT believe that since we pay for it anyways they should just go.
I did NOT refuse to get weighed at the Dr office when I went in for bronchitis. I did NOT think to myself they don't need my weight to give me a z-pack.
I did NOT spend 2 days in bed sick. Mommy's don't get sick days....even when we call off of our daytime job.
I did NOT tell Joe that if Pierce did not start putting the toilet seat down I was going to go all "Mommy Dearest" on him.
I did NOT sleep through New Years Eve.
I did NOT nap while Joe took care of operation Big Girl Room
I also did NOT open the champagne that I did not drink on NYE and drink most of it last night. Just because
Busy week.........

10 people fed my need for attention:


Ha ha.. I totally hear you on the Child Care one especially (doing it today)! Hope you are having a good day back at work!

Kristina P.

I didn't even know you could refuse to be weighed! I just step on the scale backwards and tell them not to tell me.

My Side of the Story!

Go "Mommy Dearest" on him... LOL!

I just hope you don't use that much cold cream on your face at night! LMAO!

Love the list!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I have refused to get weighed too!


The Wife O Riley

I never weigh in at the Dr's office, not even when I was pregnant. I just told them that my anxiety prevented me from knowing so I went on backwards.


I have threatened my kids a number of times with the "Mommie Dearest" coat hanger threat.

Although they have never seen the movie, somehow the threat still works.

Maybe it's the look on my face when I say it...

The Wife O Riley

I have an award for you!


I love your blog title and your leave a comment title, "Fed my need for attention!"

3 Bay B Chicks

Very busy week indeed. I would so have done the exact same things, especially drink the champagne, by myself, after New Year's Eve.

Oh wait, I did!


Ms Cupcake

Dropping by from sits. Sending some sunshine your way. Get weighed? What scale? LOL!

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