Sunday, January 4, 2009

Operation Big Girl Room and another cool project....

The husband worked his butt painting Mallory's room this weekend. We are ready to move her into a big girl bed but still have to get a mattress for it. Meanwhile we got the painting part done. By me I mean Joe of course. Just when he thought he was done for the weekend we realized that the border we had ordered was on the porch! Yeah! I'm so SO happy with how it turned out, the bedding we got for her new bed has pink and brown dots too so it will all look great together once we put it up.

I do have a slight obsession with bows....and that IS the moon in her is very cool

My sister in law knitted this doll for my Mallory, clothes and all

Still have to get the curtain up but that is in the set with her bedding.

Now THIS is awesome. My mother in law gave this to Joe and I to restore for Mallory. Her father or her grandfather made it, either way it is at LEAST 50 years old. Right now it looks like the scene of a crime but once we are done with it it will be AWESOME. Needs new paint, a new roof, new lighting, all new furniture and eventually a little doll family to live in it. I cannot wait to see the finished product and I am so happy we have this heirloom to pass on!

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The Wife O Riley

That is a beautiful room! I love the flip-flops!

Can't wait to see dollhouse when it's done.

The Rambler

Love the room. Any little girl would LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


What a cute room... makes me wish I had a girl. Love the color scheme!

Kristina P.

Her room is beautiful! I love the color scheme.


First off thanks for the comment! We found out our boy had asthma when he was 4 months old. Unfortunately both I and his father have asthma. My husband has severe asthma so the kid was bound to have it!

You little, I mean big girls room is too adorable! I love it. I also am diggin the doll house. How fun is that going to be? I cant wait to see what you do with it!


I love Mallory's new room. So cute. And that doll house rocks! Can't wait to see it all finished!


I love the room! And the dollhouse...Incredible. Sure it needs a little TLC, but imagine the memories that will be made!

Connie Weiss

What a beautiful room! Mallory is a lucky girl!


Her room looks wonderful!! I love all the pink! And, yes, the moon on the wall is pretty cool!! I also like the picture boxes you have with the dolls inside...great idea for storing those tiny dolls!

The dollhouse is gorgeous!! How fun that she'll have such a beautiful keepsake that's been handed down within the family!


OMG I so want to do a frilly girl room ... LOL.

I know why does God have to punish us with sick men. I guess to make us stronger :).

L & W

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors! I am obsessed with chocolate brown and pink!!! I'll probably borrow the idea from this and re-do my girls' room!

American in Norway

Ooo, I love the pink & brown together... & the doll house FUN! Too bad my little Princess wants to be a Pirate & detests all things GIRLY...


Love her room! Beautiful!

And I love, love the doll house!


Such a pretty room for a pretty little girl!

And that doll house is going to be so cool once it's all restored! Wow! =)

Shalee- Be Speechless

Wow that room looks amazing! I can't wait until my husband have kids and we can do fun stuff like that. :D


I am in LOVE with that dollhouse. DO post when you finish with it!

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