Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things I am looking forward to in 2009

I have so much to look forward to this year.

Most importantly THIS sweet "baby" will be starting Kindergarten this year. *sob* Now as a scrapbooker this event is WAY up there in things to get excited about....I will probably start buying things for this momentous event around June. I still cant believe my baby will be starting school.
But let's backtrack just a little bit. January is kind of going to suck due to Joe's work schedule so I am holding my breath and counting down the days until I am reunited with my mommy board BFFs. These girls are truly my sisters and I miss them all SO much. Our last big get together was in Boston back in 2007. We had that kind of fun that leaves you in tears with a sore face from laughing and smiling so much (not to mention the hangover we all took home with us) So in just a little over a month I will be playing with some of my bestest friends who I miss SO much.

In April I have a girly trip of a different very first visit to
That's right....I have never EVER been to New York City. So my mom, a few friends and some other people I don't know are hopping on the fun bus to drive ALL night to spend one fabulous day buying fake authentic Prada and Coach bags, and to stand in front of my favorite place EVER
Even though we have one now in the town that I live in.

My Sweet baby turns 3 in May and that means no more diapers.....right?

In July the fam heads to Holden Beach, NC for a week's stay in the In Law's beach house. We did not go last year and I have really REALLY missed getting my annual shot of Joe walking the kids across the pier.




Also in July....and it is about DAMN TIME

In fabulous husband has a big we are hoping to celebrate in ChicagoAnd SOMETIME in 2009 this gem will finally be released so I can get my Twilight fix without reading the series over again for the 3rd time (which I am likely to do anyways)And of course NEW MOON the movie will be released. Did you REALLY think I would get this far and NOT mention my boyfriend Edward?

A busy year indeed but it will be a good one!!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE those boardwalk pics!!!

Also Love NYC!

Kristina P.

Sounds like a great year!

And I LOVE NYC. I've been many times, and I always want to go back. Everytime I plan a trip and think I'm going to Hawaii or something, I always end up going there instead. It's a sickness.


Wow, what amazing photos do you do anything else with them?


I love the boardwalk pics. When you get to New York you have to go see the sites I love the Museum of Natural History.


OMG I too am soooo ready for Harry Potter I am a freak about HP LOL. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today, and I am glad it brought me to yours :)


You have got one busy year for 2009!!!


How can our babies be starting K?? Where has the time gone?

Can't wait to see you next month. I missed the shot games in Boston because my flight got in so late...but not this time. It's ON girlfriend!

Tabitha Blue

It really is going to be a great year! I just love those shots walking over the pier!!! Sorry you missed it this year!


Drama queens mum

Sounds like you have lots to look fwd to this year. My hubby turned 40 in Oct.

Reuniting friends

Great post buddy...Really school days are the best days of everyone's life.I still miss my school friends..Our WEbsite is an attempt to reunite such school friends and share those fond memories again.

Connie Weiss

GREAT pictures! I love it!

And New York City is my favorite city of all. I was trying to talk hubby into taking me there this month because I desperately wanted to see Katie Holmes on Broadway....but he said no.

Once you will crave it!

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