Friday, January 30, 2009

Almost at 100

Wow. I can't believe I am almost at 100 posts. Which brings me to the obligatory "what shall I do for the big #100?"

Giveaway? Nah....everyone does that....I thought maybe you all should give me a present....maybe a Snuggie from KristinaP? But then I much as I know you all love me and would WANT to shower me with gifts....I can't take advantage of your adoration in such a way (email me for my address)

Q&A with Cammie? Maybe. I'm kind of an open book though and can't imagine what is left to wonder about already know how awesome I am.
100 things about me? Yawn. I have already refused to do the 25 things about me on facebook....
I'm kind of at a loss. Suggestions?

14 people fed my need for attention:


I don't have any idea what post number I'm at. 100 sounds like alot to me but the way I flap on and on I could be past that. I'll have to check it out.

Well, I think it's awesome and congrats on being almost to 100. :)


I am on post 91...I am doing the 100 things about me....

Kristina P.

Tough one! And I might be doing a Snuggie giveaway in the future.

COngrats on 100!

Bee and Rose

Tricky...How about Cammie's Hot 100...maybe break down in groups of top ten things you want to 10 fav 10 know...just bleed it all out all over all of!

Congrats on your almost 100!

Mommy of M's

Happy Friday, I think just a funny story works!

The Buckeye print was from Bed Bath and Beyond @ Easton. But take your 20% coupon, it wasn't cheap!


You could high light your old post. I haven't been following you for the whole 100 so a recap on things I missed would be cool.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I think you should send me a gift. And then maybe I will send you a gift. Maybe. Celebrations are better with gifts! Ha!


Ooo, that made me look up MY post number. I'm at 95 posts already! I never would have thought I had so much to gush about. I don't know what you should do for 100, now I have to think about what I should do...


I sort of breezed through and ignored 100. That's just me, but does anyone really care? Maybe they do, but I didn't think it was a big deal. Now I see everyone hitting 100 and throwing celebratory parties on their blogs and I wonder what the big thing is.

Anyways, to answer your question about posting about girls with books, I already intended on posting about it so all my little people can drop in and visit us there. I don't have half the followers that most have, but I've got a couple at least.


why don't you have a person guest post? like a friend or family member.


Yeah... I did nothing. I totally blew it off. 200. 250. 300, too. I forget. Maybe find a good birthday cake picture and blow out 100 candles?

And thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday on my SITS day. I had so much fun and am still wading through wonderful comments. I hope you enjoyed yourself and that you come back to visit soon!


well, as long as you keep on posting i don't care how you celebrate! everyone seems to do the same things...of course i am no where near 100 and when i finally get there, i will proabably want to do something...i am still learning the ropes of all this blogging, and i am pretty sure not too many people are interested in what i have to say...
anyway celebrate by a promise to post 100 more times...
have a great weekend!

The Rambler

What if you tried to get 100 comments on that blog day? Get all your bloggy pals involved to try help you get the goal of 100 comments to mark the day of the 100th post.



Ohhh!!! I link the Rambler's idea!


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