Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday...with a touch of TMI

It is time once again for NOT ME MONDAY hosted by the fabulous MckMama where we all proceed to tell the blog world about all of the things we did NOT do over the past week. You know, because we are way too cool or responsible to do.....or just better parents/spouses than that. This weeks NMM has a touch of TMI so pull up a chair and enjoy...

I did NOT resort to bribing my child with M&Ms to potty train her. In fact I think this practice is SO horrid that I also did NOT yell at Joe when he told her she could not have M&Ms at 6AM. If I would have yelled at Joe it would have gone something like this:

"Daddy, I get M&Ms now"
"No Mallory, you don't get M&Ms in the morning"

Yeah, that so did NOT happen.
Speaking of going to the bathroom....I also did NOT weigh myself last Monday....scowl and curse at the scale and then have a great idea......Soon after I did NOT weigh 3oz less.

I did NOT think it was the BEST DAY EVER when I found Mike Tyson's Punchout (you know from old school Nintendo days?) Online. I also did NOT spend the next few nights ignoring my husband so that I could kick King Hippo's ass.

I did NOT have to wipe my dog's butt after she has some issues going potty (what is with the potty theme this week?) If I did have to wipe my dog's butt it would have only been to avoid her doing the muffy drag on my carpet. Again.
Happy Monday all!!

24 people fed my need for attention:


I was potty trained with M&Ms. My mom loves to tell the story of when a friend of hers was holding me and gave me an M&M and then I peed on works!

Shalee- Be Speechless

My brother was potty trained with M&Ms. It worked for him too.
I love reading all your posts. :D

Hey Mama where's my...

OMGosh! I sooo loved Punchout! That is like one of the greatest games ever invented. Sorry you had a "poopy" week lol, great list! Happy Monday~

Hey Mama where's my...

Thanks for following me! Good luck to you, ttyl~

Mommy of M's

We potty trained with Oreos!!

L & W

That's hilarious! I wish my kid would respond to bribes. She just doesn't care and smiles sweetly as she sits on the potty, proclaims she's done, and performs the deed once the diaper is back on. Aggh!


You're too funny! Happy Not Me Monday...and I'm so glad that all of those potty themed events did not happen at your house this week, lol!


Potty training and candy are synonymous with one another, we all do it and if we say we don't we are LYING through our teeth.

And the 3 oz, I hope you didn't do something drastic. If you want to get in shape and lose some weight, I can help you get on a program :) Just let me know!


My dog is sweet enought to drag her butt ouside in the grass and knows better than to THINK about doing it on my carpet. Too funny!


Great Not Me's! LOL. We tried the M&M's a while ago...needless to say, they didn't work for us! Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by!


Saw your name on Kami's blog, and I just had to jump on over to check you out, obviously! Two Kami/Cammies in two weeks...I love the web. Check out my blog whenever you have time...I'm going to be stalking you from my blog roll :)

Bee and Rose

M&M potty training is the only way to go, but of course, I know you DID NOT do that. But if you DID, it's cool...

wiping dog that's funny right there....

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I always said I would NEVER use food as a reward for my kids. BUT I tried everything with my first daughter and the only thing that worked was pez candy. She just loved getting the candy out of the cool dispenser!


My son got what was nicknamed "Poo-candy". If he pooped(on the potty), he got a candy.
I think YOU should get some M&M's everytime you have to wipe your dog's behind!

Kristina P.

Wow, that makes me not want to get a dog. Ever.


OMG, I nearly fell out of my chair! I would totally wipe my dog's ass to prevent streaks on the carpet too! LOL!


I remember the doggy butt drag... and the potty training with M&Ms! How NOT fun!


Ha ha ha, enjoyed your "theme" this week. Hope your new week goes a little smoother for you!

Yay for M&M's!!!


Great Not Me's!

Drama queens mum

Oh, geez. Sounds like a rough week.


hi! thanks for stopping by my blog. i have to say any blog with a disney countdown, is tops with me!

and i did not nearly cry because my wii fit told me i was fat. and then i did not eat six cupcakes. definately not!

The Wife O Riley

We tried M&M's but we got. "No, I no want M&M's, I just go potting my diaper."


I love Punch Out! We have it on our Wii!!

ps did you get my email about the book blog?

3 Bay B Chicks

I thought bribing with M&Ms is simply a tried and true parenting method. Works like a charm in my house. How else would I get my kids to do what I ask?


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