Friday, January 2, 2009

Facebook how I love thee.....

Facebook is my friend. I started with a mspace page a few years back I think it was and was quickly annoyed at all the stupid blingy comments that were all over the place. When I moved over to facebook I was pretty happy to see it was low maintenance because well, I'm a low maintenance kind of girl. (okay, I could not even TYPE that without laughing). I hooked up with a lot of people from my class. Some I have not seen or heard from in years but it was nice to connect and see what they were doing in their lives. Some I don't even really LIKE in real life but it is cool to be a stalker, oh and so show off my token hottie husband and kids.

The cool thing is in the past month I have reconnected with friends that I never thought I would hear from again. One girl that moved away in 4th grade just found me a few days ago. I honestly had forgotten about her but as soon as I saw her name pop up as a friend request I remembered that her mom was my brownie troupe leader and I have been to multiple sleepovers at her house. Another girl was my BFF up until she moved away in 7th grade. We did keep in touch for a few years (remember having to actually MAIL a letter?) but eventually lost touch. I looked for her a few times on facebook and gave up and then she actually found me.

So hooray for facebook for bringing some old friends back into my life, even if it IS over the know....because CLEARLY I have no use for THOSE kinds of relationships.....

14 people fed my need for attention:

Kristina P.

I'm not a big Facebooker. It's fine, and I have an account, but perhaps if I had reconnected with more people I would enjoy it more.

I prefer bloggin.


I guess Facebook just had a huge increase in users of the adult age I am on there adn have reconnected with alot of people!


I love facebook and myspace - to an extent...

The Rambler

God Bless the internet and it's many many uses.

I tried really hard to not be a facebooker but too many friends started leaving comments and I JUST had to see what "friend" said from the 7th grade...right? I'm still trying to figure it out...dang, right after I had the myspace thing down, we all moved over....

Susan in the Psych Ward

We have been doing the same over here... and over the holidays had a class of whatever party at a bar in town... it was loads of fun and all thanks to Facebook.... I love it too... for the time being!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I like facebook but I think I am a little picky about who I want to be my friend! Weird huh?


Hey there visiting from SITS

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I just joined the facebook the heck do you find people from the 4th grade? I can barely find peeps i graduated HS with lol...
stoppin by from BSU to say hi-your blog is pretty!


I have both and I'm glad to say I've connected with a lot of people. But I must say I love Glitter ... LOL. Hey it's the only girlie stuff I get around here with all the boys :).


I love facebook! So much better than myspace!


I love Facebook! It's such a great way to keep in touch with people (and I'm all for quickie notes to one another instead of having to pick up a phone and have an hour conversation, which I never have time for!)

I found you on BSU! The name of your blog was very eye-catching, being that I also live in a house of no sleep!

American in Norway

I am a facebook freak, I admit it.. my friends, co workers even my AUNTS are on it...telling you, it is catching on... Happy New year!


Thank you for your prayers ;)


haha.. No time for internet friends?!?!

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