Wednesday, January 14, 2009

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

snip snip snip

20 people fed my need for attention:


Are you blogging at work?!

Me too :-)


Looks good:)


Great new look and love the wordless Wednesday - unlike Kristen up there, I am not blogging at work!!

OK - I'm lying - she and I work together and I AM blogging at work!!


nice cut! i seriously wish i could do the short again but i just can't bring myself to it! you look fab!

Kristina P.

Cammie, it looks great!


I likey! I bet it is so easy to maintain! Do you have bangs too?


Ooooh! A new do! Love it!


I love short hair! Except for the fixing of it every single day. I don't like that part.

Hey, y'all are going to Disney, too?! That's awesome!

Kelly Syferd

So cute!!

Amy Lemaniak

Very cute!


Cute cute cute!! =)

The Rambler

Looking good.

I like short but will only go as high as right below the ears :)


Looking good!

Now when you get back - you must tell me how to strikethrough text in blogger.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies



Me likes! Very cute!


I love your short cut - very cute!

Take care - Kellan

Susan in the Psych Ward


I know it didn't sound like it but thanks for the letter "L" and for the photo tag..... I really enjoyed doing those... sometimes I type so fast I don't make sense!!!

The Wife O Riley

I love it!

I went pretty short this past summer and I'm very happy with it except that I have to get it trimmed every 6 weeks.

Cute earrings too.


Cute hair!! thanks for stopping by my blog from BSU :) At first I didn't know what BSU stood for...I thought maybe it was people from my school who couldn't type (bGsu) but then I figured out y'all were from blog stalkers unite!

thanks again for the comment :)


HAUTE Mama! Love it. I'm hoping to head to the hair dresser before our trip.

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