Wednesday, January 7, 2009

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

I did not want to NOT update about my Dr visit yesterday. Thank you all for the well wishes! My EKG was fine, I avoided lab work (whew) and she is putting me on a low dose of Atenolol to help lower my heart rate. It was 97 on the EKG and then 100 when she checked it. Really that is not THAT bad but still high. Re-Check in 2 months. She mentioned that I'm a tad on the anxiety ridden side. Duh.

My Sister in law Gina just started blogging. Go show her some love and give her some bloggy tips!! She is shiny brand new to blogging.

Sooo, onto Wordless Wed.....


17 people fed my need for attention:


what a cool squirrel! great picture.

hopping over from SITS.

have a great day!:)


Love the pic - glad your appointment went well!


I'm just catching up on blogs, so this information is new to me! I'm glad your EKG was okay!

Kristina P.

I'm glad you are doing well! Love the little squirrel!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I am glad everything went well!

cute squirrel.


Ooohhh, cool! Never seen an albino squirrel before. lol

Glad your appt went well! =)


Phew glad about the dr apt. Love the squirrel, super cute :)

The Rambler

Glad everything came out ok.

I'm so from Hawaii...but is that a WHITE squirrel? We obviously don't have em here, just brown mongooses!

What a cute pic though...I always enjoy seeing them when I visit the mainland.


I love to see a white squirrel. Even though I don't really like them all that much.

I am happy that things turned out okay.


Hey Cammie!
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Mommy of M's

Your Blog entertains me!!, you are soo funny!

I have an award for you on my blog if you are interested.

Glad you're OK. Scary.

Shalee- Be Speechless

I am glad you are doing better. :D

Love the squirrel by the way. :D


Albino squirrel? That's pretty cool. I love the look of your site!Mind if I nose around a bit?


That squirrel is so cute! Don't show my hubby...he'll get out the bb gun!

Glad your appt went well!

Drama queens mum

I've never seen a white squirrel. We only have gray 1s here. Glad that your ekg wasn't too bad.


a white squirrell?? weird!

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