Friday, January 16, 2009

10:30 then and 10:30 now

Last night I went out with BFF Jenn and BFF Liz to celebrate Jenn turning 21 32. We hit a new fun bar in my area called Martini Park to see our FAVORITE 80's cover band The Reaganomics. We got there at about 7.
3 glasses of wine and a mojito later I was putting my coat on and heading out the door. It was 10:30.

Back in the day (circa 94'-98') 10:30 on a Thursday night went something like this:

7PM we were just finishing up dinner and getting ready to settle in to watch Friends, Will and Grace and ER. Then at 10:30 dressed in my standard issue sorority girl trendy black pants (seriously, I think they gave these out along with a secret handshake when you got initiated) armed with mace and MAC lipgloss my girlfriends and I would head up High Street to our destination for that night. The mace was for the "Little Person" (keeping it P/C here people) who would frequent High Street around closing time and yell at you if you walked by. Just in case we needed it...he was random. Oh, and also for the guy who panhandled in rhyme. "It might sound strange but can you spare some change" Ahhh, Ohio State. 10:30 was the time we left The House either for a bar, or a frat party. 2:30 was when we stumbled in the door trying to remember the code for the alarm (wait, or did NOT stumble home because I was stumbling to my boyfriend's house) and get into bed without making enough noise to wake up anyone who wanted to bitch about an early class on Friday....which by the way would TOTALLY be your own fault because they let you make your own schedules in college. Duh.

Last night 7 was when I got TO the bar after kissing my kids and husband goodbye, bitching about how cold it was (we did not even wear coats back in the day) and got into my mini van. 3 and a half hours later I was paying my tab and putting my coat on. Stumbling into my house (out of fatigue, not drunkenness...) and into bed trying not to wake my KIDS up thankyouverymuch barking dogs. 2:30 was when I woke up with heartburn.

Getting old sucks

19 people fed my need for attention:


No kidding!!! It always cracks me up to get all dressed up for a night out with the girls in my "Hip Mom" outfit and then climb into of all things a mini van.
It's like having Filet Mignon for dinner and a twinkie for desert. The minute you get behind the wheel of the van it no longer matters that you look're back to being Mommy.


Boy, those were the days, huh?
Sounds fun in either year - although I'd pick current year over stumbling drunk any time and I had a few of those in my day!!
Have a good weekend ~


I believe sororities still hand out those black pants. I never owned a pair of black pants (or saw the need to) till I pledged.

And coats? They just ruined the outfit... who needed coats?

Those were the days, indeed, but I wouldn't travel back if given the chance!


I really hate that cat - don't even get me started about the litter box - UGH!!


LOL! Funny how a little time changes things, huh? :)

Liz K

Ummm remember when you begged for change with subway cup??????????


suck it Liz. Making fun of people was just as much of a hobby then as it is now.

Kristina P.

Yes, yes it does.

Jim Brochowski

Getting old does indeed suck. I wouldn't admit it was happening to me until I found myself yelling at my oldest daughter to "turn that crap down," and realized I sounded just like my Dad.

BTW - it's nice to "meet" you too. Your blog is hilarious.

Connie Weiss

Oh the good ole days!

I used to be such a trooper. Closing down the bar and then getting up for work!

I don't miss them AT ALL!

Alexis AKA MOM

Oh heart burn how I love you! Woke up with it a few months back thought I was having a heart attack. Quick ER visit your fine, hours later oh wait we found a spot. Long story and 2 CAT scans later we found a beign tumor on your kidney. Oh thank you heart burn ... LOL and $37,000 later in doctor fees :)

I gave you an award!

Mommy of M's

I so had the standard issue sorority black pants.

We never wore coats, what would you do with it in the bar??

And 10pm was when nap time was just ending.

Ah, the good 'ole days!!

L & W

Isn't it such a sad thing? I remember those good ole party days when I would get home when the sun rose. I can't even stay up to catch the countdown on New Year's Eve. Sigh.


This. post. cracked. me. up. I turn into a pumpkin after 9 o'clock.


I can't even be bothered to try to get out... pathetic.


Oh, the Good Old Days! Great post!

The Wife O Riley

I was just telling a story today about the nights we started to go to the bars at 10:30. Now, I'm in my PJ's and it's 6:20pm on a Friday!

I live on the edge, I tell ya!


Hahahahaha!!!!! heartburn! Love this post!


Now this was hilarious.....oh the old days, sometimes I really wish I could go back to those times, but then I think, Holy Cow, I need sleep and what was I thinking?

Too funny and too true

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