Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday






(We went to the mountains in 2008)

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29 people fed my need for attention:


Wow funny how things change over the years, isn't it!? Love that you have the same picture from (almost) every year!! So sweet!

Kristina P.

I love that you captured these each year!


Now that is AWESOME the way you captured every year! Love it!


What a great idea! These are great!

Tammy Howard

Oh my LORD that's a sweet progression! Wow!

The Rambler

That was so great!!!

I was just wondering about 08 :)

Glad you mentioned the mountains.


Those pictures are priceless. I love the last one, so sweet!

Kami's Khlopchyk

I love it! it's like time lapse, see your family grow.

If you keep going there, you have to keep it up!


That was sooo Cool!
Great idea too!


i wish i was thought full enough to snap the same pics each year, once again i think you might beat me out for mommy of the year:)


Soooo Cute!


Now that is some good stuff! Have you made sure to do that on purpose every year? :) What a great memory to have!


How funny that he wore the same shirt in 3 of those pictures!! Love it!


Why no Joe this year?

Baby News

Wow. That's really great that you have the same pic over the years to show how life has changed throughout those years.

It's a great way to document it!


thta's so precious. It brought a tear to my eye.


What a great idea. Too sweet!


I love these pics! Brilliant you for taking them every year that you go!

Has Mallory recovered yet?

Is Pierce engaged to beach girl?

How much wine did you have to drink to survive?


I am so touched by these adorable pictures. So lovely. Thanks, Cammie.

Mommy of M's

Those are pretty neat~ Does your husband have on the same shirt in those pictures? It looks like it!


Great pictures! I don't know if I'd remember to do that every year!

Bee and Rose

Cammie...that is such a wonderful story done in photographs! I love it!


how cute! what an awesome idea!

E @ Scottsville

Oh, that is SOOOOO cool!


very creative, Cammie!

Susan in the Psych Ward

That is awesome!! I love it!

Mom in High Heels

I love those pics! I wish I'd done something like this.
BTW, I'm sorry to be hogging both of your boyfriends. Really, I can't keep Johnny off of me though. How about we alternate? One week I can have JD and you can have RPattz and then we'll switch? Let me know if this works for you. See, this is totally why we have to be BFF's.

Mrs. Depp-Cullen


That is so cute! I love how you were able to take almost the same picture every year!


awwww! LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

Tammy Cloud

That is so sweet. I love how your husband had on the same shirt. Too cute.

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