Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mallory vs. The Toy

Yesterday I came home to quite a circus of drama. I could hear the screaming as soon as I got out of the car. There is nothing quite like coming home from work to total and complete chaos is there?

So picture it with me. I open the door and step in the house. Mallory is sitting on the chair screaming her face off. A toy hamster is stuck to the side of her head

This toy was bought at a Cracker Barrel on the way home from DC when we realized that we pretty much had nothing for her as a present. It is a stupid hamster that runs around in a ball, or you can take it out of the ball and let it go. The kids named it Rhino after the hamster in the movie Bolt.

Apparently Mallory decided to see what happened if she stuck it to the side of her head. Good thing she has pretty to fall back on right? By the time I entered the shit storm Joe had taken the hamster part off and all that was left stuck to her head was the battery pack that also contained the wheels. And she was freaking out. She begins to scream at me that she "got Rhino stuck on her head" and Pierce (always extremely helpful in these situations) was telling her things like "I wonder if it will stay there forever" and "we are gonna have to cut it out"

Well, big brother was right in this case. We did have to cut it out. You would have thought someone was coming to steal a kidney the way she acted. Joe had to hold her down while I got as close to her scalp as I could and did not poke her eye out.

Now one would think that after the evil toy was no longer attached to her head and mommy hugs and kisses were given that all would be well with the world yes? No. I have mentioned my daughter's temper tantrums before. Last night was no exception. She proceeded to go into the toy room, throw her self on the floor and freak out like she was on fire. Every now and then I would hear her throw a toy or kick something. I generally just let her go when she does this but she really needed to get settled and eat dinner. I asked her if she wants to call Maw Maw and tell her about what happened. She screamed at me NO. Helpy McHelperson chimes in with "I DO" Sigh

Thankfully you cannot tell where I had to cut the hair out. For your viewing pleasure.....

Final Score- Evil Hamster Toy:1 Mallory:0

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27 people fed my need for attention:


Oh man...that is too funny!


Holy crap girl your house is a bowl full of adventure!!

With that far away are you from Powell?? I will be driving through there when we move :)

E @ Scottsville

Oh my! I was waiting for this post after seeing the teaser on Facebook. Goodness!!!

Ya know, with all your adventures, I'm go glad you have a blog and share them with us. I was smiling all the way through it.



Never ever a dull moment! This is too funny1


thats hilarious!


That happened to me when I was a kid!!! poor girl!

Mommy of M's

That is too funny. We were just at Cracker Barrel last night, M1 plays with that hampster everytime we go there!


It's times like these as a mom that you have try really..really hard not laugh to keep from hurting anyone's feelings. You can just add that to your resume...removes toys from small children's heads. LOL


LOL I am laughing and want to tell the lady I sit next to this story, but I think she's tired of me telling her stories from the blogs I read. Maybe I should work....

I'm just me...

Ouch! Poor kid. Pretty funny too.

Tammy Howard

Oh, man - never a dull moment, eh?


Oh poor girl! But, THAT made my morning brighter! LOL Too funny!!

Kristina P.

I literally gasped at that picture!

Hamsters are evil!


Oh my word.

Will she ever be able to face a hamster again, or will she be a hamster-phobe like her mom is a goose-phobe?

Isabel got my favorite comb stuck in her hair once, and my mother in law came and helped, cutting the comb instead of the hair. I was grateful for Isabel's sake, but that was my FAVORITE comb!

Good luck with the tantrums :(


I got one of my mothers round brushes stuck in my hair like that when I was about 7 or 8. Lets just say I remember it vividly.

Kami's Khlopchyk

Oh Lord, is it wrong to laugh my ass off at this? Especially funny is Helpy McHelperson's comments. Never a dull moment in the House of No Sleep!


First chewing gum, now evil hamster toys...whats next?

for me its usually a cork screw.

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought

Oh that is too funny. And your rendition of it is priceless. I bet your daughter will love reading about this later in life!


i used to fall asleep with gum in my mouth as a child and then it ended up in my hair. everytime. i never learned the lessonuntil i was grown. your daughters tantrums are inspiration for me though:)


I think I might have closed the door, gotten in my car and not come until much much much later if I walked into this!


that's nuts!!

Connie Weiss

Poor Mallory! I don't know how many times my mom had to cut stuff out of my hair when I was growing up.

I be smarter now!

Captain Dumbass

That was pretty impressive.

Bee and Rose

I've seen that toy of torture at Cracker Barrel...NO way will I buy it now!!

You are a saint!


omg that is hilarious!! hahahahaha!!!


Awe... cutting things out the hair. Trauma!


OMGosh!! Hahaha!! Damn toy! :0P

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