Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(almost) Wordless Wednesday- Because I Am Too Lazy To Make A Big Deal About It....

Although it would be pretty cool to get 200 comments on my 200th post like I did with 100 on my 100th.

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65 people fed my need for attention:


oh oh am i the first :)

here's to getting 200 comments. hey if you want i'll come back and comment a few times LOL ;)


Congrats!!! Here's to 200 more!

Eric's Mommy

Happy 200!


Happy 200.


Happy 200!! XOXO


Happy 200th post! I'm #6!


do you want me to comment 196 more times to get you to 200?


I will - i'm a good bloggy friend like that


I really have nothing better to do. at all.


I want my blog to look like your blog - with the pretty header, and the 3 columns and the fun colors. loves it.


Congratulations on your 200th and your 200 to support it. Great idea. I love this! Woo Hoo for you!!

Tammy Howard

Congrats! (mine's in a couple days - 3 or 4 more posts, I think...)

Baby News

Here's to hoping you get to 200! Good luck!


Happy 200th post! Looking forward to the next 200 posts.

Jessica [Mommy to a 3 yr old drama queen]

Happy 200th post!


Yay!! Congrats on 200!!!!!!!!


:) Would you like a plug? I could plug you on my blog and maybe get you an extra two or three comments. LOL I don't have much pull, but I could try.
Congrats and happy Wednesday!


Congrats on your 200th post! Good luck getting comments! I'll spread the word for you!


Keep it up Cammie! Love your posts!

Janna Bee

Here's my contribution!


Congrats on your 200th post. Keep up the great work!

Kristina P.

Happy 200!!

I'm just me...

Congrats on 200! Hope you get the 200 comments!

Intense Guy

Happy 200th post!

Came over from Tooj's...



Happy 200th post!

Intense Guy

...or is that Toojie's?

Hmmm... well, whatever...

Now I better go read some of those other 199 posts.

Sally's World

oh, i'd love to see you get 200!

Sally's World


Sally's World

I'm gonna do my bit and....

Sally's World

tell you how great i think you are...and...

Sally's World

how much i love your blog...and...

Sally's World

how much i love your advice and comments...and...

Sally's World

how 200 is a big deal, it....

Sally's World

shows commitment and...

Sally's World

tenacity and...

Sally's World

often makes my day!

Sally's World

okay, now i'll go LOL! xxxx

Tricia McWhorter

Well, you've got almost 200 followers so 200 comments is certainly within reach. Congrats!

Jim Brochowski

Nice job Cammie.

Congrats on 200!

You're very talented.


Congratulations! I hit 200 last month, and I felt all excited!
Looking forward to your next 200+ posts Cammie!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly)

Congrats on 200. Good luck on getting 200 comments.


Hooo-ray 200!

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought

Well, I'm number 43 commenter (I think). I hope you get up to 200! I love your blog!


Stopping by from Tooj's blog! Good luck!!


Happy 200!! :)

Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Housewife Savant


Housewife Savant

And good luck getting 200 comments.

Housewife Savant

I'd help you out if I could.

Intense Guy

I just came back to see if you got 200 comments yet.

Intense Guy

I see you are on your way to 200.

Connie Weiss

Woo Hoo! 200 posts!! Did you just get to 100 a few weeks ago? No wonder I"m so far behind on my blog reading....


Happy 200th post!!!

Dorkys Ramos

Congrats on your 200th!! Over from Tooj's place :)

The Rambler

oh sh&tballs...I missed this one!

Eh, we might have pulled it off :)

Happy 200!!



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