Monday, July 6, 2009

I can run, but I cannot hide

Sigh. I wish I was still at the beach. Joe and Pierce wish we were still at the beach. Mallory, not so much. I'm also back at work today digging through one meeeelion emails. Because of that I am going to just leave you with this little nugget of goodness.

How on earth did I spend an entire week at my in laws beach house (not to mention 5 or so other times spent here) and not notice THIS little bastard hanging out above the kitchen sink

The constant goose eye is starting to make me nervous. I know the little demons are just waiting to take me down. Must talk to mother in law and find out who's side she is on.

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17 people fed my need for attention:

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Wow. That is some goose. It looks sweet and innocent, but I bet you are right. YOu and I should get together sometime and discuss paranoia & twilight.

E @ Scottsville

Ha ha ha, I swear Cammie, for someone who hates geese, you sure post lots of pictures of them!!! ha ha ha I think you secretly LOVE them. Cammie ♥s Geese!


In response to your question, I took the fireworks pictures with my Cannon 40D camera (same one that MckMama uses). I had it on the ACTION setting. Glad you enjoyed them. =0)

Have a great week. I'm at work too, and it sucks!


Oh, that is funny! :) He is watching you! Hehe!


You are so funny, those geese are stalking you Cammie!
Back to the real world..........ugh.

Kristina P.

Little bastard. Haha!


Emails after vacay are always a good time. Good luck with that, and hopefully by the time I'm leaving this you're already through them all.

The Wife O Riley

You should have ripped it down and made an example out of it.


Too funny! I had a friend whose mom collected cookie jars, it was too much. Think before you decorate people!

If you hate geese you should never come to Rochester, Minnesota...they are here ALWAYS!

Tammy Howard

Those first couple days back to the real world are so much less than fun.

Millennium Housewife

interesting choice of decoration....The eye follows you wherever you go.

That's Who I Am

Oh my goodness I think I would have to put a towel over it lol! My grandma has a goose that sits on her front porch and she dresses him for EVERY holiday. My aunt makes so much fun of her:)


Giggles...Sorry, but that is funny.


that's creepy...geese seriously creep me out...don't turn your back on that thing!

The Rambler

The birds in my outside restaurant have been plentiful and making me VERY nervous.

I'm wondering if I need to change the signs that say "Please Do Not Feed The Birds" to

"For the love of all that is HOLY...put down the food and keep my sanity in tack...I have to clean their poop when you leave you bastards. Oh and they freak me out."

Too much?

Housewife Savant

Goose-eye. Is that anything like Jimmy-leg?
It would be called paranoia if it wasn't TRUE - he IS watching you.

Kami's Khlopchyk

They are watching you wherever you go....


Alicia W.

I fell over dying laughing at your blog today and I'm sucked in! Love your sense of humor and profanity! Makes me feel NORMAL and COOL. :) Just wanted to say hello and I'm Alicia from S.C - Nice to meet ya.

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