Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Would you play?

My kids crack my ass up every single day. The random stuff that comes out of their mouth blows my mind. Since they never shut up. Mallory has even started talking in my sleep which of course I know because she is always in my freaking bed.

So I was thinking.....I know mine are not the ONLY ingenious children who say the most random things, hard to believe I know because they are so fabulous. Any of you feel the need to document their little nuggets of wisdom ala blog carnival? Ive always envied MckMama and her NMM (Now NMKM) and the owner of Wordless desire for a button and a Mr Linky is wanting to just burst free. So, who would play? Does not even have to be YOUR kid. Who wants to name it? What day is free so as not to pee on anyone else's carnival?

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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21 people fed my need for attention:

Kristina P.

I'm not around little kids enough!

Baby News

When my little one starts talking (he's 9 months) I would love something like this. I'd still visit to read what other kids say. Not much help, I know.


I ditto Kristina. Wish I could help, because I'd absolutely LOVE to read the children's quote. The minister who married us quoted children's thoughts about marriage- everyone at the wedding thought it was great!

I'm just me...

I have TONS of crap, my 4 year old NEVER stops talking! Tink is always saying something off the wall. I would play along.


Oh I would have plenty of things from the kids I nanny for! They are cracking me up daily!


I would play. With other kids words mostly. Because Jimmy just babbles all the time. and because I love those too. I totally don't know which day tho. Let see... Friday is So and So... Tuesday is RTT... my brain is broken so thats all I got right now besides WW which I was totally going to do today but had this other blog that I just couldn't wait to post cause I had *antsinmypants* :)

The Wife O Riley

I'd play. I don't have a button or a mr. linky either. The only thing I have is Johnny Depp Monday.

Jacylann Nix

id so play!! my kids never stop

Captain Dumbass

I think I've got a little too much on the plate at the moment, but it's a good idea.

The Rambler

I would play for sure.

I'm trying to think about a good day.

Maybe Thursdays?

Maybe call it...I'm stuck..I am not creative today.


I would play. :) I'd have to make a real concerted effort to write it all down, which I've been meaning to do anyhow.


Yes & I thik Friday would be a good day


i grabbed your normal button - yay me. my little one doesn't talk yet but i still like reading that crap.


I'll play, I'm flexible, I have no clue when memes are and we can make it a week long dealie. Whatever works for you, my good looking OSU fan...


Oh I can't wait for those times:) It must be lots of fun!


I would totally play! Gabe says the craziest things, and occasionally so do the older two.

Count me in!


I would totally play even though Luke is just starting to talk so his little tidbits might not be as funny. It might be funnier if I were quoting Big Poppa. Now he has some funny shit come out of his mouth!

And I'm digging the "my kids said wha?!" title...very cool...for a whore.


I would sooo play! My kids crack me up!

I like Fridays, but would play ANYDAY!


oh cammie i would definitely play! the midget that lives with me is full of fodder!

E @ Scottsville

Well, I don't think there's a "free" day of hte week, so you just take your pick as to what's best for YOU. =0)

I doubt I'll play cuz my days are already filled with "Not Me Monday", "Walk Down Memory Lanes" on Wednesday and I don't usually even have 'room' for the "Dear So and So" letters on Friday. Life's just too busy! BUT in the winter, maybe we'll all NEED more filler.

Even if we don't play along, we'll enjoy reading yours and those that DO join you!

Mommy of M's

I'm game!

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