Friday, July 3, 2009

Dear So and So.....Vacation Edition

On my last full day of soaking up sunshine in beautiful Holden Beach, NC I thought I would take the time to address the many people/things that made this visit well as a few random things that I have waiting for me back home

Want to play along? Go link up with Kat. She is cool for a variety of reasons and her husband just got a promotion in the military so she doubly deserves a shout-out this week

Dear Holden Beach,
I heart you. I truly do. You have given us awesome weather this week....the water has been awesome too. Mallory does ask me to pass on a little message for her but please note....this reflects nothing on my love for you.....Mallory would like you to know that your constant waves in, waves out drama really sucks. She thinks you are scary and would appreciate you keeping the movement to a minimum next year. Pierce also asked me to pass along that he had an AWESOME time riding the boogie board and jumping your waves. Many thanks for wearing him out every single day
Until Next Year,

Dearest 6AM,
I cannot tell you how awesome it has been not to see you one time this week. Apparently the secret to forever leaving The House of No Sleep is to move to the beach and play in the ocean every day. I don't mean to be a bitch, but I really don't like you 6AM....
See You Next Week,

Dear Pierce and Mallory,
Mommy hopes that you had an awesome time this week. We tried new things (putt putt for you sissy, sleeping till 8 for both of you)and you pretty much behaved ALL WEEK. Pierce, you seem to have picked up that nothing really all that exciting goes on between the hours of 6AM and 8AM....what are the chances of you keeping this up when we get home? Maybe just on weekends? No? Suck. Mallory my beach hating princess.....I'm so glad that on your LAST FLIPPING DAY HERE you decided to accompany me down to the "wet sand". You let me hold you at the very edge of the water let the water get your toe toes. Next year let's try and get your knees wet. Please keep the fighting to a minimum on day one of our drive home tomorrow. Mommy does not want to have to break out the duck tape.
Love, Mommy

Dear Self,
Way to be a dumbass and decide that you don't need the camera on your last day here. Suuuuuure, we don't need the camera on the last day because you have taken hundreds of pics down at the beach this week. We did not need to capture that last day. The one wear Mallory actually let the water touch her, the one where we dug a HUGE puddle for the kids to play in....the one wwhere we caught some tiny little fish and put them in that puddle making Mallory bust out "The Sissy Squeal" which is one of my favorite sounds. Good job slacker.
Smacking Myself In the Head,

Dear Betty's Waterfront Restaurant,
Oh how I love you. Thank you so much for the 5lbs you helped me gain in one meal. I love that your signature dish is a pound and a half of really BIG crab legs. I love feeling like a messy disgusting pig as I suck down every last bite dipped in butter....I will send you the bill for my stint placement.
Forever Your Biggest Fan

Dear Makeup, hair product and on occasion bra and panties,
Thanks for taking a back seat in my life this week. I love beach living that even WITHOUT you I'm still prettier than some of the other people making bad fashion choices down here. I loved lounging around the beach house and on the deck with the neighbors having NO clue that I was flaunting my girly business under my cover up. Being as I DO have to go back to work on Monday we will be reacquainted soon. My co-workers will appreciate it.
Enjoying the Breeze,

Dear Tivo,
Sweet Lord how we have missed you. Growing up in these times my children do not realize that when WE were little we had to put up with what was on, when it was on...not to mention that whole "change the channel with pliers once the knob fell off" deal. This week we were forced to endure constant episodes of Oswald and Pinky Dinky Do before it was time to head down to the beach on top of listening to Mallory bitch about wanting to watch Diego or Mickey Mouse. These kids would not have lasted 5 seconds in the 80s
Missing You,
TV Whore and Whore-lets

Dear 4 bottles of wine I picked up, the 4 more I will pick up in Mt Airy tomorrow and the bottle of bloody mary mix Joe the alcohol fairy brought while I was napping,
I love you, Let's make out when we get home
Yours Till My Liver Falls Out

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E @ Scottsville

Awwwww, sounds like you've had an awesome time. I'm so jealous Cammie!

And by next year, I bet Mallory will run right on into that serf!

But yea, she'll be sleeping in your bed anytime you'll let her til she's at least nine. Riley sure hasn't gotten tired of it. But I'll sure miss it when she does.

Just hope yours turn into aliens like mine one day --- and clean your house. WOW!

Have a safe journey homeward.

Erica =0)

Tammy Howard

My child that feared the water most now loves it the best. It took a couple years, but now I can't get her out...

This sounds like such a great vacation. Glad you're giving your hair, pores, girls and hoohah a vacation, too. They work hard. They deserve it.


Cammie you flippin keep me amused!

LOVE it!

Love the pictures. Those are some pretty cute kids, you know !


I miss beach vacations from when I was a kid! We used to go to the Jersey Shore. The first time we went, my little sister had a reaction very similar to Mallory's: "MAKE THE WAVES STOP!" She was over it the following year.

Kristina P.

I can't support the TiVo letter, but everything else is awesome!


oh my gosh, you are going right by me in mount airy. maybe i should give you a parade up 52 huh?? drive safe and honk as you pass through!!


Loved this post :)

BTW. If you are driving through/near Virginia Beach, VA. I request that you stop and see me. Please.


great post! i loved the letter to the pics are awesome!


OMG!! I live in Mt Airy!! Where did you get your wine from???


OMG... I loved this post! Especially your confession about catching the breeze! I might just have to play along! :) Plus, that last pic of Mallory is adorable! I also love the WW one of the two of them! Sooo cute! :)


Lovin' this post, Cammie!

Glad you had such a great time! Maybe Mallory will love it a little more each time; the ocean is big and loud and sometimes scary, you know; I can kind of feel her pain.

But I feel yours even more.

(And that is what she said :)


Love this :) I enjoyed following your adventures at the beach! I wanna go!! Sitting here jealous,


Great pics!! I really loved the letter to the makeup, hair, bra and panties. lol Too funny!

Kami's Khlopchyk

You crack me up! Looks like you had a great time!

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