Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Kids Said WHAT?? Edition:1

Good morning and welcome to the first edition of "The Kids Said WHAT?". In keeping with the constant joke that is raising my little heathens angels my children pretty much gave me nothing this past week. Nada. But that is okay because mommy has an endless brain and will just have to pull from there this week. So, although not all of them happened this past week we will just pretend that they did. Hopefully by the end of this blog I will have figured out where and how to add Mr Linky so that you can play along! Oh, and snag the button too....I made it myself thankyouverymuch.

Mallory has given me the following nuggets.....
The other day while hopping onto the potty she bumped her head on the cabinet and in true Mallory fashion proceeded to behave like the world was coming to an end. I told her that she had to calm down so she could go potty and she said....."And then I can cry again??" Thinking that this would be the end of it I replied "Yes baby, and then you can cry again" She stops crying proceeds to go potty, hops down and begins to cry again.

In keeping with this theme....the other day (and this has happened more than once) she was pissed about something and started to cry and after a few minutes I asked her if she was done yet. "NO, I want to cry all day!!!!!!" Well then.

While in the car with my mother my mom asked the kids if they wanted to play the "quiet" game (silly maw maw). She proceeded to say "Ready.....GO" to which Mallory promptly responded....."I'm out!!"

On to big brother Pierce whose 5 year old wisdom never fails to amaze me.
While watching TV with Mallory an infomercial for some sort of toy came on and Mallory said "ohhhh, I want that!!!" and Pierce responded " have to be 18 to order!"

My Ohio State peeps will appreciate this conversation....
"Mommy if you smell something that means it smells bad"
"No bud, if you smell something it can smell either good OR bad and if something smells bad sometimes we say it stinks"
"oh, well the lemon does not stink"
"nope, lemons smell good"
"well you know what DOES stink?"

And lastly this conversation between the two of them about a month ago.....The hands are full, Pierce, Mallory and I are heading downstairs to leave for the day when I realized that Mallory's shoes were next to my bed. I asked Pierce if he would please go find them for me since I had other stuff in my hands and off he went to grab them. As soon as he catches up to us (and I should have known better) her majesty says "NO, I want to find them!!!!!!!"

Pierce looks in total annoyance at his sister. Drops them right there on the floor in the hallway and said...."There.....find them."

And walked away.

Here's hoping that they actually give me something to use for next week so I don't have to go digging. Punks.

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23 people fed my need for attention:


Awesome! Too bad I don't have kids... Might have to steal some to play! *kidding, kidding* I don't need police at my door!

E @ Scottsville

Okay, I'm totally looking forward to hearing what Mallory has to say each week. That little thing is a SCREAM! I love that she stopped crying, finished on the potty, and then started back up. At least you know she has a "pause" button. Maybe you can use that again in the future!

Tammy Howard



OMG, those are so funny! I have to collect my thoughts on what my teen and preteen are saying that is even remotely this cute!!


Great idea! Love it! I would totally play along if I had kids lol but I love yours! Your kids are too funny! Love how dramatic Mallory is!

Kristina P.

You are going to have some fun teenagers on your hands one day!

Alexis AKA MOM

OMGosh too flipping funny. I'm sure the boys have said some duzy but my head hurts from the heat and thinking about the fire .. LOL

I love the crying all day, I'll have to think and come back :)


How funny!! I've got to start thinking about this, Jibbity comes up with things daily, and I really need to write them down!

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought

Those are hilarious! I need to start thinking so I can be added to Mr. Linky!


Funny!!! Love the potty... My daughter had to get two teeth pulled this week and she told me that she was going to have to re-valuate if I like the dentist or not. Needless to say, she still likes the dentist...


lol Those are awesome!

I can't wait to be able to have some ones to play along. Right now, Monkey will only say "Car". All day that's all he says. Who knows what that's about.

The Rambler

I'm digging on Mallory. She's a hoot!

I'll have to start recording stuff so I can join every week.

Oh Oh...I'll link up to that time out thing..if not you can delete K.



Love it :) Totally ready for this stuff each week!


Thanks for this blog carnival. very cute I think! Your little Mallory reminds me so much of my little one. They are very hard headed little drama queens! Too Cute though!

Midwest Mommy

I love that she said "I'm out" lol!

Kami's Khlopchyk

You know, as they get older there is far less blog fodder. Hence my lack of posts! Or it's just a good excuse, whatevs.

The last one kills me and also I might have done the very same thing. I am mature like that.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Oh my! I totally have to do this with Asher! he has the best things. If I can remember them.

Connie Weiss

My Mallory has been saying the funniest things! Just today...she is searching all over the house. I ask her what she is looking for and she says:

I can't find my checkbook!

The funny thing is that my husband and I NEVER write checks. We have a check book and it's hidden somewhere. We've never discussed checkbooks. Ever.


I love this!

Mallory and her "I'm Out" has me cracking up!!!

I am going to have to come up with some good ones, our house is full of them, lol.

Stephanie Faris

Sounds like your life is full of fun. I'm going to cry all day? I love that line.

Bee and Rose

Cammie, I love this meme!

Cat does the same thing with the quiet game...hilarious!

I love that Pierce dropped the shoes...hee hee hee...ornery little man:)

Your kids are riots!


So funny! I love the "i'm out!" one. Isn't it amazing how smart these little people can be sometimes? Or should I say "smart ass?" :)


I will have to go home and think hard about adding one to your list. :) I'm actually trying to WORK at work...go figure.

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