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I ♥ Faces - At The Beach, and Why It Sucks To Be Mallory's First Boyfriend

Before I post my entry for I ♥ Faces I wanted to post what I am sure most of you already know....Sweet Baby Stellan is back in the hospital and not doing very well at all. Please send up a prayer for him and his Dr's so that they can find out how to make him well again.

This picture is from our trip to Holden Beach earlier this month. I love her smile and how she is just kind of off to the side. Head over to I ♥ Faces to see more entries!

So I imagine that face is bound to get some male attention down the road yes? Let me recap an incident that occurred on Friday at daycare. Pierce has been mentioning a new "friend" in his class by the name of Phoenix. Apparently the 2 of them are not getting along all that well. He has mentioned on more than one occasion that he does not like her and that she is mean. I pretty much just told him to not play with her if she is mean.

So I get there on Friday and it is later in the day so they had combined preschool and Pre K and they were out on the playground together. The first thing he does when I get outside is run up to me and tell me how Phoenix had just ran Mallory over with a tricycle. "Oh know she DI-ENT" was my first thought. Before I could even respond he took off running. I did not think much about it since Mallory was still playing and seemed to be fine. I was talking to one of the teachers when I heard someone yell his name. It appears that after he ran off from me, Pierce had gone over to the swings and proceeded to kick this little girl each time she swung up. She started smacking him back. Before it got to out of hand I yelled at him to come back over to me.

The teacher was trying to get him to apologize and he was not having any part of it (duh, he was not sorry) and he wound up starting to cry. I told him that he was NOT in trouble but that it was not okay to use his hands or feet on other kids ESPECIALLY not a girl. I praised him for wanting to stick up for and protect his little sister but told him it was not okay to hit. I personally was having a hard time not wanting to kick her myself actually.

I can only IMAGINE what this scene will look like when they are both in high school together and Mallory has her heart broken for the first time. God help the kid who does it

Funny thing is later that night they were back to wanting to kill each other. Apparently it is okay for HIM to beat on his sister so long as no one else is doing it

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Patti H

love her wind blown hair! Great shot


(I'm totally behind on my feed reader and hadn't heard about Stellan. Thanks.)

Your pic if very sweet. I love the people and beach umbrella in the background. I envy those of you who are near enough to visit "real" beaches. Not the rocky-sorry-excuse-for-beaches that we have near us.

Janna Bee

Love the picture!


That's a cute picture! And of course it's ok for siblings to punch on each other - so long as nobody else tries to get a swing in! LOL


love the picture! and it's awesome she has such a great brother to look out for her.

E @ Scottsville

Awwwww, how sweet of Pierce. I mean that's how siblings are. THEY can be mean to each other, but nobody else had better THINK of it! ha ha ha

Darling photo! I think I'll play along today, too.

I'm just me...

That's what sibling love is all about. You can beat the crap out of your sibling, but God help anyone else who tries to hurt them! Love it!

PS I have been reading tweets from McMama and praying for Stellan all morning.

Jim Brochowski

I am keeping updated on Stellan too. Hard, hard story.

My sister is almost 12 years younger than me. One of her friends got mad at her once when she was 4 and went off to get her brother, so my sister came and got me. The kid was all of 8 or 9. I just laughed. My sister never had to actually come and get me again. She would just threaten and get her way.

Come to think of it, maybe that wasn't such a good thing after all.

Still - I'm all for siblings sticking up for each other.

Tammy Howard

I always wanted a big brother... Lucky girl!


Precious pic of Mallory!!
My older brothers and I used to beat the crap out of each other but when someone outside tried to pick on one of us, Fuhgeddaboutit, we'd circle the wagons, bigtime.


What a DOLL! And my older brother used to give me the beatings but boy, the first boy that something mean to me WATCH OUT.

Kristina P.

I am the oldest so I never had a brother at school to beat me up!


Such an adorable photo!! I worry about the same thing with my son, and his three little sisters!:-)

I hadn't heard about Stellan, I'll be keeping the family in my prayers!


adorable expression :)



wonderful picture! My children are the same way, eager to defend each other from an unkind word or gesture, but look out if they cross each other.


gorgeous picture!

oh i'm not looking forward to the school age and bullies etc. aye!

i'm glad he stuck up for her. i'd probably have to hold back myself too!

Night Owl Mama


and the pictures is gorgeous
I have a 16x20 Canvas Print Giveaway you can get this pic or another favorite Enlarged if you win
Come on by

C U then


Her face is SO cute and happy, and I love the editing you did on it! Is that Holden Beach, NC? I live in NC and Holden is one of my favorite beaches... Although I haven't been there in about 10 years, I'm sure it's charm is unchanged! Your story is so funny... I have 2 boys, and it's definitely true that THEY can beat each other mercilessly, but woe betide anyone else who tries anything!


yay for the BROTHER! you know the code "I'm the only one who can mess with my siblings"


Great picture! That little grin is too cute :-) oh and I love that story too - what a sweet brother!

The Rambler

Of course!

And I absolutely LOVE the picture of Mallory.


Of *course* it's only okay for him to be mean to/fight with/etc his sister. But what a funny story!

love that picture. She's beautiful!

Captain Dumbass

So glad I have boys.


you make me laugh

LOVE the pic!!!


Beautiful photo and GREAT story!! You are a riot. I actually laughed out loud, sitting here all by myself when I saw Edward on your sidebar. I'm pretty sure he's the only one I'd leave my husband for too. Sllluuuurrrrrppp. I'm only slightly mortified by my imaginary love affair with a 17 year old vampire. Not enough to discontinue it.


Bee and Rose

Her photo is absolutely darling! What a fantastic shot!

She's a lucky girl to have a brother who loves her so much!


Siblings are so funny!

Great picture of Mallory!

I'm praying for Stellan too.

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