Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reason #233 Why Boys Are Dumb

I got a new toy over the weekend. It's pink, it's 10 inches and it brings me great pleasure.....want to know what it is?

Now that your minds are out of the gutter you little pervs let me tell you about my new toy! It appears that Joe and I I have a problem sharing. Each night after our kids are in bed I would plop down on the couch and proceed to monopolize the laptop for as long as I felt need to do so. I'm a busy girl, what with building my virtual zoo on facebook and chatting with my mommy board friends. Now granted we have a desktop in another room but it is very far away from the TV and neither of us would sacrifice our shows to go use the crappy computer in the other room. Finally Joe got tired of my bitching and decided that we could get my pretty pink dell mini!!

On to the reason why boys are dumb....Seriously....why can guys not ASK FOR HELP when they need it? Why do they think they can do everything all by themselves? I swear I want to tell him that even though he CANT fix our broken dishwasher he is still good in bed....the 2 are NOT related. I remember back when I was pregnant with Pierce and we had just moved into our house.....he came home one day with tons of pipes mumbling some nonsense about re-doing some GAS pipes in the basement. I picked my poodle up and headed to my mom's for the day and told him to call me when he was done if he did not blow up the house.

I digress. This issue is about my pretty pink laptop and how I needed it hooked up to the Internet NOW. Now Joe is a smart guy and he actually does know how to set up wireless on a new computer....he did it with the soon to no longer be shared laptop and I was not at all concerned that he would not be able to get my new one set up. Until he couldn't. Apparently doing the normal thing that you do to set up a laptop to wireless was not working. That was the first night. The second night I told him that he should just call the Dell 24 hour customer service line. An hour later he is still sitting there looking at my laptop. Whenever Joe is fixing something or putting it together (Pierce's bike, a table that we bought, ect) I can guarantee that 2 things will come out of his mouth at some point. "This doesn't make any sense" and "sonofabitch". I again encourage him to call Dell to which he told me that I could call them if I wanted to. mmmmmmkay. FINALLY he concedes and gives them a call.

10 minutes later my laptop is up and running. Apparently my screen resolution was all jacked up and there was a little box that could not be seen that needed checked.

10 minutes later.

Boys are dumb.

(He also told me that the first thing he was going to do once he took posession of the old laptop was remove my Twilight wallpaper and replace it with some hot chick background. When he wasnt looking I replaced it with a picture of me. HA)

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23 people fed my need for attention:


boys ARE dumb. totally jealous of your pink laptop. SUPERcute.


That laptop is supercute! I love the pink! Now, I'm jealous! And yes boys are dumb! I had this same convo with my husband when it came to doing wireless internet for a friend... finally, after atleast 2 hours of fiddling with it, he called AT&T..fixed in 15 minutes. LOL


You are Hot Chick wallpaper, funny story about Man World.

The Wife O Riley

Matt always gets to a point where he's so frustrated that he just gives up and I usually have to fix it.


I just do it myself. So much easier than waiting on my husband to do anything. Play House in the backyard? Yeah I built that.


Oh and it is amazing what following the directions will do for you.


I bet that WAS the hot chick he was referring to. I'm certain of it. ;) Congrats on your new pink toy. Oh so fun!

Multiple personalities..

I could not agree with you more! Boys never want to ask for help, I think they're genetically wired to resist help in any shape or form. Congrats on your new toy! She's a beauty!


Love the pink laptop!! That's too funny about guys, isn't it? Though I will admit that I'd rathat a man who will attempt to make a fix of things than a man who won't even try. Greg loves to do things on his own and most of time, he's able to. Love that about him. BUT... when the time to call someone is needed for a fix, we (women) know to pick up the phone for the pro's. Lol.

Captain Dumbass

I played with a furnace once, luckily I'm still around to prove my stupidity.


Ah, boys. Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em.

Kristina P.

I wish I had a pink laptop.

For the record, we also have two. My husband uses the full size one for school, and I use a mini one for blogging.

Tammy Howard

Your new pink toy is awesome, and I'll concur with the commenters above - I bet you were just the hot chick he was looking for on his wallpaper!


I WANT ONE!!! awesome!!

Hubby actually admitted to me once (although he denies it now) that he knows that I am usually right but is stubborn when I tell him how to do something because he WANTS to be the one right for a change. This is why I wish I had a video camera in every room. So I could play back moments like that for him. *snicker*


I think it is best for everyone involved that you each have your own! Boys ARE dumb, and Twilight walpaper and pink RULE!


What happened to the mac?

Sally's World

its very cute, ad dwill probably give you as much pleasure as the sort of toy we all thought it was lol ;)


girls rule and boys drool! or if you prefer

boys go to jupiter to get more stupider. girls go to mars to be movie stars/get more candy bars.
whichever is your guilty pleasure:) i am so coveting your pink laptop! yeah, i made it biblical....
happy tuesday!


Well, 1: you qualify as a Hot Chick! and 2: I do the same thing every night that I can get my hands on the laptop before my husband...why don't I get a new laptop??? and 3: I am the techy in our house, and I would have been loathe to call the Dell support line, too, cause usually you are on the phone for HOURS and you have already tried everything they suggest. But I don't believe that makes me any worse in bed, so that must be the difference between me and the guys. I know I rock!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly)

Very cool. I want a pink (or purple) laptop. I also want an iphone, but I'm a sahm, so I don't think I'll get them anytime soon.

E @ Scottsville

ha ha ha, men do have SUCH a hard time asking for HELP and admitting defeat. Why is that?

I'd rather the fastest route to where I'm going. Not the "I'll find it my own way". Dumb men!

Love that you put YOUR picture as his background. You go girl!


OH I am uber Jealous - that is all

Mommy of M's

I'm so jealous, my laptop is plain old black. But I don't have to share it.

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