Monday, June 29, 2009

Did You Know That The Ocean Is The Entrance To Hell?

That is the only reason I can come up with that Mallory hates it with such a passion. Today was a repeat of yesterday and the day before....Pierce my little water baby is wearing Joe out wanting to be in the water non stop and Princess Scowls A-Lot sits under the umbrella and looks at the water like it is the entrance to the pits of hell

Today she actually let me take her to the VERY edge of where the water was coming to a stop. I could have done a back flip and not dropped her as hard as she was clinging to me. After about 10 minutes I stopped torturing her and she ran back to the umbrella. We called my mom from the beach and she told her "I hate the ocean Maw Maw".

Meanwhile Pierce is the beach pimp. He already has a little girlfriend that is here for the week and they hold hands and jump the waves together. Pierce would keep Joe in the water all. day. long. if we did not make him stop for lunch. He was so tired that he actually slept until 8:15 today which only happens when I give them NyQuil the night before. Am I kidding? Am I?

"Cammie, where are all of your pics??" Oh, you want to know where pics are? Well Joe someone did not pack the USB cord with the camera bag which sucks as much as a goose attack...had myself all ready to upload pics every day and spend time editing them but that is not going to happen. So hear are some random ones from my phone.

Ready to go down to the beach.

Beach? No pool on the deck? Rock On!!

We took them putt putting tonight....Mallory's first time.

"I hate the ocean and I hate you for bringing me here"

The coolest part of today? Realizing that everywhere you go you can find someone reading a Twilight the middle aged lady on the beach nose into New Moon!

The best part of today? We found a restaurant with a raw bar and I sucked down a dozen raw oysters......YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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23 people fed my need for attention:


Vacation fun! Your daughter is so cute, sorry she hates the ocean. I hope she is playing nicely in the sand while you read the hours away!
Enjoy!(sorry abut the USB cord, but I'm enjoying the updates)


Hey you quit torturing her by taking her to the ocean! LOL She's so funny!

Hope you enjoy your vacation, even with screaming ocean hating toddler in tow ;)

ps oysters EW!


It looks like you are having a fabulous time despite Mallory's best efforts! That pouty picture is too cute! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!! I am counting the days till my own baby-screaming-at-ocean adventure.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly)

That's funny about her hating the ocean. She looks cute though in her bathing suit. haha.

Kristina P.

Well, the ocean is scary. There is Jaws and Ariel there.

E @ Scottsville

Doesn't like the ocean? Doesn't like it? WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE, MALLORY, HONEY?

I LOVE the beach. Love the water. Love the pool, the lake, the river, the waterfalls, the dams....

You get the idea!


She'll outgrow it.....surely?!

She looks darling anyway.


The Wife O Riley

My youngest thought all water led to hell. Now I can't get her out.


i am laughing my ass off at your daughter. ahem with you about your daughter.....i hope you guys have a ton of fun! your little guy is super cute:) your daughter too of course, better with a smile:) of course it is funny to watch them scowl....


poor mallory! sounds like pierce is having a blast though!! good luck on the rest of your ocean dream vacation!


I feel your pain! When we lived in Hawaii my son HATED the ocean. I think I still have scars from the nails digging into my skin!!

Glad you are enjoying the vacay though!

I am going to read the Twilight series here in a couple days :)


Oh by the way I just threw him in the water and said figure it out.

Maybe. :)

Susan in the Psych Ward

I think I have all her "love" of the ocean instead of her... I love it so much! Sorry, just blame it on me!

Tammy Howard

On my last vacation I carefully packed my USB cord. The WRONG USB cord...

Sorry about your pouty princess...


I hope you're getting the sand outta every crack necessary! :) I wish I were picking sand out too. But alas, I'm're there. Enjoy! Don't bring home his new girlfriend.


Awww, cute picture of her in the sand. But honestly, I didn't like the beach as a little girl either. I would stand still and feel the sand swallow up my feet as the water came in. I felt like it was sucking me in and would get so afraid I would scream for my parents! They never knew how I felt about the water until years and years later thinking back on the emotions. Strange.

Anyway, really cute pictures! Glad you had a good time!


Tell her there are so many other people who would love to be at the beach instead of her. I'd go in a heartbeat! Sounds ike so much fun!


Little Miss Scowls-A-Lot, Love It!! Pierce looks radiant with beach happiness.


My baby sis was exactly the same was so scared of the water! Once she real;ised the attention she got from everyone when she swam her first length she got over it xoxox

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought

I hope she outgrows this hatred of the ocean. Every little girl needs fond body surfing memories.

E @ Scottsville

Hey, Cammie. I had to ask a friend who the Griswalds were. =0)

The Rambler

Princess Scowls a Lot sounds like my kind a girl.

I prefer the pool too.

Is that wrong for a girl surrounded by water?


sounds like fun!!! cept the raw oyster *gag* part *gag* ! *shudder*

Bee and Rose

Your kiddos are darling! I would love a trip to the beach!

Catherine would be searching all over for Ariel!

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