Monday, July 13, 2009

A Plethora Of Randomness

So I thought about a blog post today but really I have nothing going on up in my head but a whole lot of random. I will share it with you. You're Welcome

This past weekend we went to the Kalahari which is a super awesome indoor water park up by Lake Erie. Pierce looooooooves the Kalahari, loves it so much that it is usually a fight when we have to leave. Some observations from our time there...

Mallory spent a week bitching at the beach. She did however enjoy the water park. She played in the toddler area and even let herself get wet. At one point she even sat at the very edge of the wave pool. Does anyone see the irony in this?

Why do teenagers (and in some cases adults) feel the need to wear the smallest bikini ever to a WATER PARK. Do you want your boobs to pop out? I fear that in most cases the answer to this is yes.

Some people who wear bikinis should not. Period

I am OLD not as young as I used to be. I don't recall needing to take an Aleve after a day of water park fun when I was younger. Water slides hurt your back.

The lazy river is meant to be LAZY. I wanted to drown asshole kids who were running through it with no flotation device to be seen

Mallory was supposed to start pre-school today. Keep in mind that pre-school is down the hall in the same building from where her toddler class is. She knew she was supposed to go to a new class today and she talked a good game over the weekend. Today she told me that she would go in 5 days. She was dropped off in the toddler class so as not to traumatize her. And by her I mean her new teachers

My sister and I have been in a disagreement for a few months that involves her treatment of our mother. That is putting it nicely. Today I tried to talk to her over text about how we needed to act like adults around her and not get into some screaming match that will stress out our mom. I asked her if she thought we could manage that and she told me to go fuck myself. I guess that answers that question.

I have 2 dates this week and neither of them are with my husband. I'm kind of excited because since they are not with my husband I wont have to put out. The first is on Wed with BFF B. I am going to see the much anticipated new Harry Potter movie. I cannot freaking wait! Friday I have a date with BFF Liz....we are going to the New Kids on the Block concert. Okay, we are streaming it live into her big screen TV but don't think I still wont throw my panties at them and lick the screen. I'm sure BFF Liz wont mind so long as I am not licking Donnie.

Happy Monday!

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24 people fed my need for attention:

Multiple personalities..

How could I not love a fellow NKOTB fan?? Your blog is great! Nice meeting you via SITS!


hilarious. let me know how the big NKOTB concert goes!!

Kristina P.

You are an NKOTB groupie!

And I will never not make fun of your BF.


At a water park we have here there is a lazy river and I hate when the kids run through or try to swim in it.


I love your Randomness, you are so funny and right on!! Sorry for your immature sister, jeesh!
Yes, bikinis should require a special visa or something.

The Wife O Riley

What is it about sisters that make them go back to childhood when ever they are together? My sister and I will wrestle on the floor and lick each other's garlic bread when we get together.


We have a Lazy River at the waterpark here and the kids do the same thing. Drives me insane.

Tricia McWhorter

Enjoyed your randomness. I wonder what kind of texts my kids will be sending in the distant (hopefully!) future about what to do about me.


Love random posts like this! I am sorry about your sister... that really sucks. I hope you guys can work something out.
The water park sounds great.. I wanna go now!


Sorry to hear about your sister. NOT nice!

Oh you should see the people at the water park at Kings Island. I was feeling kind of self conscious in my tankini (with shorts on over the bottom too) even though I wasn't showing hardly any skin but the people there in next to NOTHING that shouldn't be, make you feel real better real fast!

And I'm so jealous you're seeing Harry Potter!!! I am seriously considering going to the theater myself. Is that lame? I don't care!


Your dates sound like a grand time. And your disagreement with your sister sounds sad. How are you mixing these emotions? With vodka or tequila?

Debbie in Nashville

Just stopping by to say Hi. Your posts are always so funny. I hope you have a wonderful week!

3 Bay B Chicks

I have learned so much from this post, Cammie...

1) Perhaps my topless, thong look is not going to be embraced by all at the water park. (Who knew?)
2) Aleve is a miracle drug.
3) You may very well be my newest soul mate due to your commitment and passion to the upcoming NKOTB concert.

I heart you.


The Rambler

Seriously. Why do people wear the tiniest bikini at a water park where for sure rushing water will rip the boobie covers off?

And did you say you will or will NOT throw your panties at Donnie? Cause I'm throwing mine :) At Jordan of course.


Yeah, your sister is a douchebag. I'm sorry that she doesn't read your blog so she can read that I think that she's a douchebag.

That is all.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

YOu are so awesome. I feel the same way about
1- bikinis
2-lazy rivers.
next time? We should go together. Think of the havoc we could raise.

E @ Scottsville

Uhhhh, I sometimes wear a bikini Cammie AND SARA. Does that make me one of those ones on your hit list? I don't think I'm all that great in one - yes, I have stretch marks, but I'm hoping I'm not all gross either.

Why the heck am I telling you gals this? Oh goodness. I've lost my ever lovin' mind. I blame you Cammie! =0)


lmao! have fun at the concert! (bet the beer is cheaper there too!)

Sally's World

just saying hi, life way too hard at the moment, but glad i popped by today, missing your blog, well, lots of blogs, didn't realise how much you all keep me sane...sane ish!

Multiple personalities..

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Yes, you're absolutely right, scrapbooking moms do tend to blog the way they scrap their layouts! You totally read my mind on that one. Hope you have a great day!!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly)

I've never been to a water park. I hope things get better with your sis.

Captain Dumbass

Tiny bikinis? Might be time to take the boys to the water park.


You crack me up when it comes to NKOTB!! :)


I agree. There are quite a few people that wear bikinis that definitely should not.

Mallory is too much! Hahaha! Love her!

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