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The Parade of Homes makes me sad, how I spent my weekend blind, and I heart New Kids on the Block

This past week has been a bit on the crazy side. I did not post much last week and I finally figured out why. Not only was I crazy busy but a little crisis hit my family last week that pretty much took a big steamy one on my desire to try and come up with anything fun for the blog. I did not post about it here in my desire to pretend all is well in the world of me. Anyways, last Saturday my mom had a TIA which is a mini stroke. It sounds much worse than it is but it still sucked. She was taken to the ER after the left side of her body went numb and she could not walk very well. By the time I got there that morning they had ruled out major stroke and her symptoms were going away. A TIA has stroke like symptoms but there are no permanent problems like with a major stroke. She was not admitted, they sent her home and she has since had some tests with her Dr and nothing has shown up. So, I spent most of last week calling her every 5 seconds to check on her, hung out with her on Monday and finally just as of this weekend have chilled out a little. I was even able to toss her a couple "don't have a stroke mom" jokes. Now my biggest concern is that her and my step dad who is retired are home together for ANOTHER week of marital bonding and I hope that they don't kill each other

While I was not calling my mommy every 2 seconds I had a few dates this past week. None were with my husband so I did not have to put out which is always a bonus. On Wed I went with BFF Brandy to see the new Harry Potter movie which was FANTASTIC. Also fantastic were the 2 sangria's I sucked down prior to the movie. Even more fantastic is that I did not have to leave the movie to go potty one time....yeah for my bladder.

Thursday's date was with BFF Jenn to our annual buzz kill called the Parade of Homes. We spent 2 hours hating people we don't know for having houses WAY cooler than ours. Some of my favorite's this year....a theater room with a planetarium type ceiling, huge walk in showers with no doors and heated floors, wine cellars and vacuums built into secret holes in the wall. Even I would run the sweeper if I could just pull a hose out of the wall in each room. After pretending I was rich I went home to clean cat vomit off of the floor and wipe up my non ceramic kitchen counters.

Friday. Sigh, oh Friday. Friday morning as I lay in bed with my evil precious daughter.....the one who needs to START SLEEPING IN HER OWN BED I reached over and pulled a "mom". By that I mean I went to swipe a booger out of her nose with my finger. And she put her finger in my eye. In her effort to swat my hand away she stabbed me in the eye with her pointy little finger. I swear I saw fireworks. I had to call Joe because I could not see, make him come home and we had to go to the ER. I had lasik not even a year ago and I was so scared that she jacked up my "flap" which is the cut they have to make to fix your eye. 2 hours later I leave with a diagnosis of 2 corneal abrasions, some eye drops, and an RX for vicodin. Really? Vicodin? They also tried to give me a tetanus shot which I was a finger nail, not a rusty nail (Nurse Heather, Nurse Janeen, want to weigh in on why they tried to stick me?) The last time I took that I had a BABY cut out of me. Now, that is not the biggest crisis of Friday. The biggest crisis of Friday was that I had a date with BFF Liz to watch the web cast of the New Kids on the Block concert at her house. And I was NOT missing it. She had to come and get me (thanks!!) since I could not see out of one eye and take me back to her place. The concert was AWESOME. Even out of one eye. My vision is STILL not back to was better on Sat (meaning I could open the other eye)but still not perfect. Hopefully in a few more days. So, how was YOUR week?

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Wow! Busy, interesting week to say the least!

I saw Harry Potter last night and it was awesome!!

Rich people, rich houses. Yes I am jealous too! Vacuum in the walls, what??!! That's so not fair!

And your eye trauma sounds very painful. These kids sometimes! Hope it gets back to normal asap!


So sorry to hear about your momma, but hopefully they'll figure out why that happened!

I thought about you yesterday as I was playing golf and there were geese EVERYWHERE!


wow that's some drama. I saw HP on an almost real date with my husband and it was awesome!


Glad to hear that your mom is doing better.
Hope you can see out of both eyes soon!


My best wishes to your mom, please keep us posted. ((Hugs))
A corneal abrasion, ugh, double ugh, those hurt!
Tetanus lives in dirt, little kids play in dirt, germs from corneal abrasions can enter the blood stream, hence the tetanus shot recommendation. (I'm a RN for 27+ years, go me.)

Tricia McWhorter

Corneal abrasions?? I've had those and they HURT. Good thing you got to see the Potter boy first.

Janna Bee

Ugh, sorry you had such a rough week. I'm glad to hear your Mom is okay.

Tammy Howard

My cousin is a rich person with a rich house and I am staying with him for two weeks in August and I get used to it REAL easy. Coming home from THAT annual visit always sucks. But not enough to not go the next year - never enough for that!

Millennium Housewife

'Though not with Husband so didn't have to put out', hilarious!


Hope your mommy feels better. Argh, matey... You can always wear an eye patch.


Pulling a "mom" move can really get you hurt as they get bigger. I'm learning that. Makes me want to WWF figure four leg lock them down and punch them. But then again, mine are boys and seem to take acts like this a little more in context. :)

I hope you're feeling better. I had a friend who went to the NKOTB concert near her...sounds like it was a blast. Crazy that they're "back". But at least they're hangin' tough....sorry. Couldn't resist.


Gack! My goodness things are crazy! Sorry about your eye! That sounds like a horrid little injury! The little ones always seem like the worst! I'm glad your mom is ok... and Harry Potter WAS amazing! I loved it!

Kristina P.

I am so sorry about your mom, Cammie. Honestly, reading about stuff like this helps me keep missing my NYC trip in perspective.

The Rambler

so...I said I would never do it...I read twilight and instantly thought of you when I finally came back to my life.


I need to get back into the game...if I sucked down ONE sangria I'd be that annoying obnoxious one in the movies saying..

"Hey...I know Cedric died in the last one...but is Edward coming back or what?"

Yeah...I'm frakking hooked.

Again. I think of you.


Oh my.... I don't think I could blog after a week like that either. I hope that your Mom is feeling better and that your vision comes back to normal.

I saw HP yesterday and enjoyed it as well. One day I'll get to reading the books!

Rich people.... makes you wonder that they couldn't find something better to do with their money!

Feel better soon!

The Wife O Riley

I had cornea abrasions and never once got vicodin!!!! LUCKY!!!!


Maybe they were thinking your kid had a rusty fingernail??

Two of my kiddos have had corneal abrasions, and they got neither vicodin nor tetanus shot.

July is new doctor month at a lot of hospitals, just so you know...

Hope the eye is better. Congrats on not having to put out :)


Oh I hope your mom is ok. :(

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

well. I agree, parade of homes makes me want to poke my eye (fingernail or rusty nail!)
I am sorry to hear about your mom! I hope she is recovering well.


wow! i am so sorry to hear about your mom:( the thing abuot tia's that are scary is it can be an indicator that she is at risk to have an actual stroke, i am sure they told you all that...
the tetanus thing? i would think they did it for prophalaxis, kind of like just in case. it wouldn't hurt and it could help. heather is right, new resident/intern month is july, so you are gonna get probably some overkill. vicodin tho? well, corneal abrasions do hurt....
i havne't seen any harry potter movies nor have i read the twilight books, *hangs head in shame* so i i don't know much about that, but NKOTB freakin rocks:)
here's hopin that this week is better!


I'm just catching up now but wanted to say that I'm glad MamaCammie is ok! That must have been super scary!

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