Friday, July 24, 2009

Dear So and So

Another Friday, another list of things that just need to be said. HAPPY FRIDAY!! Before I get into berating people places and things I need to note....THIS is my 198th post. How in the HECK did that happen? If you missed my 100th you can find it HERE. I don't so much think I will be shooting for 200 things about me OR 200 comments. Perhaps I will just let it slide on by. Maybe I will do a give a way, maybe I will just ask for presents. Anyone want to sponser a giveaway? Anyone? Bueller?

Dear eBay Seller,
Hi, I'm Cammie. You may note by my 100s of positive feed backs that I have been around the eBay block a few times. I love me some eBay. Last week when I bought 3 pairs of size 5 navy shorts off of you for my son's new school uniform I was super excited to be getting them for $6. I was NOT however super excited to see you charge me $10.95 to ship them. Really? $10.95 for 3 pairs of little boy shorts? Did you forget to take the lead pipes out of the pockets? Now I will take a tiny bit of blame for not paying attention to the shipping cost but never have I paid that much for shipping so I just did not think to pay attention. Imagine my further surprise when I found out that you were NOT shipping from Europe which could have been the ONLY reason for such a high cost. I also find it amusing that when I called you out on it you refunded my money without further discussion. Chicken.
My feedback is higher than yours,

Dear Chipolte,
Oh how I love your Mexican goodness. You rice is always perfected with just enough lime and cilantro, your chips just enough salt...but better than that is your sour cream. No other Mexican restaurant can perfect your sour cream which has a constancy like no other. How DO you make your sour cream that it does not just plop in the middle of my chicken fajita bowl but oozes off of the spoon to spread nicely across the top. I'm honestly not sure I want to know but I thank you Chipotle and shall forever remain....
A Loyal Customer

Dear Nintendo,
I love my Wii. I love that I can download old school games such as Super Mario Brothers and Punch-Out onto my Wii console. In fact I love it so much I may end up sending you the bill when I get carpal tunnel. Please....for the love of all that is holy.....give me Super Pitfall!! That is WAY cooler than some of the random crap that I can find. I promise to still feed my children if you give me Super Pitfall.
Yours until my hands go numb,

Dearest Mallory,
Mommy loves you so very much. I'm not a huge fan of sharing my bed with you for half of the night. Let's be honest....most of the time I'm not even fond of sharing it with your daddy. I realize that I am SO lucky that you were night potty trained within weeks of being day trained but did you REALLY have to choose my bed for your first accident? That was your gimme. Do it again and we may have to press the issue of you sleeping in YOUR bed. Trust me, I look forward to that battle less than you do.

Dear Punk Ass Kid In Swim Class,
So I hear from your big brother who was sitting next to me that you got kicked out of pre-school. LE GASP!! Really??? With such behavior such as spitting water in kids faces I would never have guessed. You really are a cute kid but I'm going to need you to stay away from my kid. And yes he IS that gullible that when you told him your name was scarface last night he proceeded to call you that throughout the class.
Don't Make Me Drown You,
Pierce's Mommy

Dear Rambler,
I told you so.
Cammie Cullen

And Finally... To My Darling Husband,
I survived the week with you out of town. Barely. I hate when you leave and I sleep like crap just WAITING for someone to come and kill me. It did not help that the damn cat would "knock" on the door in the middle of the night. You get home tonight. My scrapbook stuff is packed and by the door. Don't call.
With All My Love,
Your Wife.

26 people fed my need for attention:


I have a dog and a cat to blame noises in the middle of the night on. My husband is out of town way to often for me to get freaked out anymore.

Tammy Howard

Dear Cammie,

These posts crack my stuff up.

I love that you called Ms. Ebay chicken for doing exactly what you asked her to do.

Also - Chipotle...mmmmmm - I think I know where I'm going for lunch.

Thank you for that,

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

Hate it when husbands go away. Need him to do stuff like bathtime and cook my dinner!

Thanks for stopping by.


You have a cat that knocks on the door when you're alone, too? I nearly shot mine about 25 years ago before we got an alarm and I could be sure NO ONE else was in the house. Funny stuff...thanks for stopping by.


Love it! Drown the kid! And I always wait for killers too when my husband is out of town!


I love scrapbooking. I can't wait until my son is old enough so i can go away for another all girls scrap weekend.


$10.95 for shipping on a $6 item is absolutely ridicklyous.

Sometimes I order books from's used books section. I pay a penny for the book, only to be charged $3.99 for shipping. I rationalize this by saying a $4 book is significantly cheaper than paying the full list price of $27.95.


Too funny!

Kristina P.

Do you know I've only been to Chipotle once in my life, and there's one 3 minutes away from me?

Maybe I'll have to give it another chance.

E @ Scottsville

Ahhh, Cammie. I can't help but smile when I read your lovely letters. My favorite this time was the Ebay Letter. I used to do a LOT of ebay buying and selling and I hated when they try to get ya on the shipping fees. LOSERS!

But your closing comment to them was the BEST!



My kid would prolly be the brat that got kicked out of preschool - wait he did - but in his defense he has issues....don't look at me like that

The Laughing Idiot

I only have my husband to blame for the nightly noises. It's either his snoring or his Darth Vader sounding C-Pap machine. At least the C-Pap is rhythmic.

"My Feedback Is Higher Than Yours" - did you stick your tongue out and say "Nana, nana, boo, boo." while you were writing it? I would have.


Dear Cammie,
I heart You and love to read your Dear So and So letters.
Thank you for the funny and what is up with your rotten cat scaring you like that?
Your Biggest Fan who lives near Jacob

The Rambler

Dear Cammie.

Forever Cullen.

~Vampire-loving Rambler

Housewife Savant

You're the QUEEN of "Dear So and So", Cammie.

I love this on so many levels.

I've never eaten at a Chipolte, so I felt like an uninformed loser, then I read what you said to Rambler.
I read Twilight before it was the Thing to Do, and I think IT SUCKS, so I'm special in that way.

Please don't be mad/offended, cuz we agree on so many other (read; important) issues, like ebay sellers who profit from crazy/high shipping charges, and old school video games. I have a daughter named Mallory. I HATE the punk a** kid in ANY setting, and my cat "knocks" on the door whenever I get a little alone time with my Mr.

Plus if you & I were together in RL and attacked by a goose...I would kick it's a** for you.

Captain Dumbass

Your dear chipotle is killing me. MUST EAT NOW. Punk ass kid? Hire another punk ass kid to straighten her out. Wait, that's wrong, isn't it?


I laughed the whole way through this page! $10.95 shipping? I'd expect that delivered on a rocket overnight.


Wow. I got ripped on Ebay last week. Arrgh!

You crack me up.. seriously.. you had quite the week. Hopefully this weekend will be smooth!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Great!! I love the chipotle one and the swimming kid one! I'll sponsor you a giveaway. How bout some...not sure, but something really cool. Like a kitchen towel with a goose on it.


Oh I can't stand when the shipping ends up being more than the cost of the item!


Great post! Love these kind of posts (Sorry to be such a slacker reader lately!)


I love old school Super Mario Brothers. When my son got his DS, I took it over so that I could play (and finally beat) that game.

The Wife O Riley

I am so craving Chipotle now!

Kami's Khlopchyk

I despise Ebay for all those reasons! People on there are mean! Not you though ;)

Also, I need to get me to that Chipotle place. *drooling like a dog*


LOL!!!! Good stuff! I am always laughing after your posts!!

Bee and Rose

Dear Cammie...oh my had to go and mention Chipotle..which is 40 stinkin' minutes from my I'm trying to re-schedule my afternoon so I can drive up there for some grub with the hubster....because I'm not buying my own lunch...he can do that...


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