Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where Was This Little Gem In My Ohio State Days?

I came across this taste of awesomeness while on vacation last week. I'm sure that some of you have heard the old wives's tales as far as how to avoid a hangover after a wild night out. My personal favorite was always 2 tylenol's and a glass of milk before bed. And by milk I mean without the Kahlua.

There is also the mix of a raw egg with tomato juice....this probably would have worked for me also since it would have caused me to vomit the contents of my stomach. Don't forget about that cup of black coffee to cure your morning woes.

Well forget all those ideas kids because now you can just pick up a pack of The Chaser and be on your drunken merry way!

Now back when I was a drunken sorority girl in my glory days I could have totally used this! I cannot tell you how many times I peeled myself out of my boyfriend's bed feeling like I needed to shave my tongue and stumbled to class. Please take note that I said my BOYFRIEND's bed and not some random dude. While I may have been a lush I was not a slut.

Once I saw this I thought it was GENIUS....I mean this stuff should come in welcome packet's for new college students. Imagine how much more productive we could all be (not just those college kids) if after a night of bad choices we did not have to feel like total shit the next day. I can honestly say that I have had maybe 2 hangovers since becoming a mother and they were the worst 2 hangovers of my LIFE. I could have handled hours of Mickey Mouse like a champ had I not been hungover. But I digress. Let's take a look at how it works!

The formula in Chaser helps to absorb the toxins in alcohol that cause the unpleasant side effects of your drinking and passes them through your system. The best part is it does not effect your ability to actually get wasted! Whoo HOO!

Two caplets last for three hours of drinking, or for up to six drinks. If you drink over a longer period, or more than six drinks, take two more caplets. I personally would have probably needed a box per weekend. At least my sophomore year

Chaser (and The House of No Sleep) recommend not drinking in excess and never drinking and driving (duh, that is why we had pledges in the sorority and why I have a husband now) You can find this miracle in a box at your local pharmacy located next to "Skank Be Gone, and Beer Goggle Cleanser

Please drink responsibly. And by that I mean don't spill your beverage

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20 people fed my need for attention:


do you think Costco carries this in a jumbo pack?

What?! Don't you judge me.

Mommy of M's

I so would depended on this during the college days!

Kristina P.

Can you use this for Diet Coke?


So this is available at Ohio State? I wonder if my daughter is using it. I shall send her some if she's not.

I also wonder what would happen if you took it without drinking?


I might have to give this little baby a whirl! :)

E @ Scottsville

Want me to shock your socks off?

Never been drunk. Not once.

Even scareier? I've only had one drink in my life. Hated it, don't want to try no mo! ha ha ha

I'm weird. Oh, and don't forget that I like geese. ha ha ha


Love this:

"While I may have been a lush I was not a slut."

You could have left it there, and I'd have been completely satisfied.

Tammy Howard

It works even on cheap tequila? Because I have a serious fondness for good tequila, but I don't like to mix it and sometimes I want more of a sippin' drink, but I feel cheap tequila in the morning. (I wake up fine after good tequila, though)



i have only been drunk once in my life.

it was new years eve, 2005 and literally a week later found out i was pregnant.

talk about feeling like crap!


Now if someone could just come up with something that absorbed calories before our bodies absorbed them...

Stopping by from Welcomistas!


LMAO. I don't drink, never acquired the taste for alcohol, but I laughed my butt off reading this post. Poor Mickey Mouse. Lol. Yep, they should sell it in the candy machines in the college buildings. Geezz...

What sorority did you belong to?


funny read! LMAO

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

You are so hilarious!!


Ill take ten.. (well when I get this baby out of me anyway)


and now you tell us about this??? i could have seriously used it in college as well. now, not so much. we aren't all still lushes like you, whore!

The Wife O Riley

Considering that I get hangovers a lot easier than I used to, I might have to buy stock in these things. I will try them out on Thursday when my friends and I go out to celebrate my birth.

Transparent Mama

Thanks for coming by my blog. I stormed through all the Twilight books too and completely lost in when I heard she wrote them with three little ones under her feet. How did she do it?


what i would like to know dear cammie, is why the only thing i managed to hold onto from ym ounger days is my ability to drink? why not the fabulous body, or carefree attitude or ability to sleep anywhere at anytime? just the drinking.....oh well at least i make the most of what i kept:)


hahaha! wow those look AWWW AWWW AWWWSOME! I wish I had those back then!

Seriously... I just got a headache thinking about it... seriously.

Oh and I noticed you are reading Mommywood... what do you think? I just finished it and I LOVE Tori! LOVE LOVE LOVE her! :D



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