Wednesday, June 17, 2009

See you next month

That is about the time I will get done visiting all of you who commented yesterday. Whew, being the featured blogger at SITS was fun!!! I am going to spend most of the day getting back to everyone!

Did you stick around? I noticed I have a few tons of new followers! I can't see my follow list from work (stupid firewalls) so let me know if you stuck around for the madness!

I promise to get back to normal blogging tomorrow...but for now I'm off to check YOU all out.

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23 people fed my need for attention:


How did I get knocked off of the top stalkers list?!?!? I am proud to be a NO SLEEP STALKER! :) 165 comments! You go girl!

The Rambler

Yah baby!!

Of course your awesome!


I have NO idea what happened looks like it re-set itself


Congrats on all your comment love, Cammie! Good luck with your visits...gonna get any work done today?

E @ Scottsville

Well, I wanna know how I get my blog featured?! I'm so jealous, Cammie!!!! Too cool!

You're up to 157 followers - just checked for ya since you can't see from work. I'm still your stalker!

That's Who I Am

Sticking around from SITS! Love your bloggin style.

Bee and Rose

You are the cream of the crop, Cammie! (I bet even Edward Cullen knows that...)


Oooohh... I just saw you are going to Disney. So are we!!!! End of July. I am going to sweat to death. Also, I stalk Edward on a daily basis. We can share. Just remember, he is MINE!


I totally decided to be a follower. love your blog.


Congrats on being featured! There's no telling when it will be my turn since I've been a bad sitsta for the past 2 weeks:( You deserve new followers!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I always get knocked off the stalker list....Oh well at least I stick around!

Congrats on all the new followers! Woot Woot!


I'm happy to say you've already visited ME today! :) Love you! I'm glad you had a great day yesterday. I love seeing MY blogreads be the featured blogger.


I stuck around and added you to list of bloggers that I read. Thanks for stopping by!

Kristina P.

Gotta love the SITS!

Tammy Howard

Yep, I'm one of your newbies. And I am not in the least surprised that I am only one of many who decided stopping by your place on a more regular basis would be a fun thing to do...


I am so happy for you, see you when you come back from the hinterlands.


Congrats on the special day! And it looks like you are going to visit mickey mouse, that makes me happy just thinking about it!! Stopping by from SITS!

The Wife O Riley

You deserved to have that special day!


I stuck around :)


CONGRATS on gaining TONS of followers from being FB in SITS!

You deserve it your AWESOME-ness!!


Amy B.

Thanks for visiting me, too! BTW, I never mind a cheeky dirty word here and there...


I may be a little late on the SITS bandwagon, but am totally glad I stopped by. A few items of business, if you will 1.) LOVE LOVE LOVE your header 2.)You're too funny and I can't wait to keep reading.

Tammy Lessick

Hi from the SITStahood. Love your blog.

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