Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello from DC!!! Just wanted to throw some pics up and tell you about our trip so far. We got in around 1 on Saturday. It was a 2 xanax flight not a bad flight at all. We got to our SUPER awesome hotel that is right on the Potomac and has all sorts of cool restaurants and shops around. We had nothing scheduled until Sunday so we just walked around and checked the place out, had some awesome dinner and went to bed.

Sunday I was tortured by being sent to a baseball game. Here is a picture showing JUST how exciting this game was

Add that to the fact that I wanted to dig my eyes out with a fork don't care much for baseball and it was 200 degrees out I was not sad when it was over. Sunday night we got to meet up with one of my sorority sisters who lives in this area so I could smooch all over her 4 month old baby. I think I ovulated once or twice while loving on her. Thank God for vasectomies.

Yesterday started the whirl wind madness....we were on a bus to the Pentagon by 8AM. We met some guy who I know was important but unless you are in the military and hear these names all of the time you don't so much know him. After the Pentagon we went to the Air National Guard Museum, toured that and then headed over to the State House to tour THAT. While we are there we walked 5 feet in front of Supreme Court nominee Justice Sotomoyer and her broken ankle.

We got back to the hotel around 5 so that I could cut my feet off at the anklesto chill for a bit. One quick banquet here in the hotel and then we were done around 8.

This morning, woke up to storms, got all gussied up for ANOTHER award banquet only to get downstairs and realize that the other spouses decided to skip the morning practice and meeting with another random important guy and just show up at the banquet here in a few hours. So here I sit!! After the award banquet we get to tour Air Force 2 ( I think that is the one for the VP) and tonight have dinner at a REALLY important guy's house...I paid attention this time....he is in charge of the entire Air National Guard for the country. And I forget his name. The rest of the week is more tours, meetings with random important people.

Apparently my kids are NOT rocking in a corner somewhere crying for me...they are actually having a GOOD time and Mallory has only cried when I call. Oops. I on the other hand am having a harder time than I expected being away from them and probably wont want to do this again for awhile. Enjoy some pics!

Me looking like a cow at the baseball game....

Joe pretending to argue some important legislature at the Pentagon

Joe and the other award winners at the Pentagon

The rotunda at the State House

no description needed I'm sure

In case you are new around here or came aboard AFTER Joe won this award....My husband was selected as the Air National Guard program manager of the year for the Nation. Pretty cool! This trip is where he gets his award!!

20 people fed my need for attention:

Sally's World

wow, what great photos, and what an achievement...

Melina and Denise

That is a huge accomplishment. And you should get a Good Wife Award for the baseball game.


Wow - it looks like you two have a ton of things to keep you busy!! The score from the game sure did look like it was an exciting one! ;) Congrats again to your hubby.

The Wife O Riley

Sound like a wonderful trip so far!

Team Och

awesome! SMSgt AND Honor Guard? Wow, that's impressive. Your trip looks like so much fun!


Congrats to Joe!! It sounds like a great trip except the baseball part, yawn, Borring!! You look wonderful!

Kristina P.

I am so excited for you!

Jim Brochowski

Congrats to Joe!

I enjoy a good ball game myself. Seems to me that if you went to the game with Joe he might have gone to the NKOTB concert with you. Maybe?

Then again, he looks bigger than me, and he's in much better shape so don't tell him I said that. K? ;-)

Enjoy the rest of the trip!


SO cool! What a fun and exciting trip for you! Hope you're not missing the kids too much. :)


How exciting! And you WILL want to do another trip....I think it's like...every six months you get a little more able to go away from the children. I'm totally making this number up, but it's how I'm going to pretend it works. In the meantime, enjoy yourself! You look like you're having fun at the game! ;)

E @ Scottsville

Wow Cammie! How awesome of a trip for y'all!!!

Keep enjoying it!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

What a great trip and a high honor! Looks like you are having random spurts of fun!


Wow that's awesome!!!

Bee and Rose

You look fantastic, girlie! I love that shade of blue on you!

What a wonderful trip! Congrats to Joe for his well deserved award!

I would be bored out of my skull too at the baseball game....yawn.....You deserve Wife of the Year for that alone! lol!

(missed ya!)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

There is nothing like DC in June, is there? I wanted to cut my ankles off too! Fun times though!

Kami's Khlopchyk

Whohoo! Looks like you are keeping busy anyway...enjoy the rest of the trip with all the important nameless people ;)


I've been following your trip on facebook. That is just so awesome! I know you are so very proud of your Hubs!!

ps. Changed my blog name from Girl n the Glasses to

Melissa B.

LOVE all these Superior Snaps! Too bad the DC Nationals are so bad. But the stadium is awesome, ain't it? Coming at you from DC, where we never sleep...it's a party, 24/7!


Came over from SITs. What an awesome opportunity! Please tell your hubby - thank you from all of our household, for serving our country! I pray many many sweet blessings on your family!

Blessings to you! ~Lana~


Congrats to your husband - what an amazing trip!

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