Saturday, June 27, 2009

She Sells Sea Shells

Hello from fabulous Holden Beach, North Carolina! We made it here without having to strap a single child to the top of the van! Hooray!!

We make our trek from Ohio to NC in 2 days because frankly I cannot deal with being trapped in such a confined space with my children for longer than the 6 hours on day one. I realllllly wanted to stop for some duck tape around 8PM last night when instead of falling asleep like sweet angels in the car they kept freaking talking all the way till 11PM

We got here around 1 today and after unloading the car decided to take a quick trip down to the water which is right across the street from the beach house. While walking up to the walkway Mallory asked me if she could have a coconut on the beach. Awwww, how sweet....she is going to LOVE the beach

If my daughter used the colorful language that I am fond of I think she would have said the following....."WHAT THE HELL IS THAT AND NO WAY AM I PUTTING MY ASS IN IT!!!!" To say she was not impressed with the ocean is a mild understatement. Add to the fact that she was running on no nap and I had quiet a witchy little thing with me. While Pierce ran around joyfully shouting that he loves the beach and loves the ocean and was having a grand old time Witchy McBrat scowled at the water, at me, at the other people on the beach and told me that she was NOT going to get wet. Bet me. I picked her up and carried her to the VERY edge of where the water was coming up and put her down on her feet. The water barely touched her toes when she went screaming holy hell back up to the blankets and told me to "get her outta there" She did find a bit of fun in collecting shells and putting them in her bucket and that may be the ONLY way we get her back down to the sand.

Made a quick stop to the store to stalk up on wine necessities and we are taking it easy tonight.

Tomorrow it is back to torturing one kid and building sand castles with the other

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Wine is definately a vacation necessity! What am I talking about! it's a daily necessity!

Have a great winecation!


Waiting patiently for the annual father/kids pic!


As a grandmother taking a road trip with grown daughter and granddaughter (age3) you bet the kid did much better. Without her beloved videos, she was a major trooper in the car. Mommy got bored in the backseat, so did most the driving homebound. As glad as I was to see my sisters, I don't think I could do another road trip...ever...
Now I know why I don't go on vacations...ha ha

Kristina P.

I hope she warms up to the ocean!


OH, I feel your pain.

Two years ago, we went to Myrtle Beach. Gabe was almost 3. He hated the beach. The sand. The wind. The ocean.

It was a very long week.

The last day, he decided he liked the beach after all.

Hope your trip is a good one. Lots of wine might help :)


i am so jealous! i love the beach! we aren't going until august....take pics!


Cammie, I hope the week gets better, and that your daughter adjusts to the sand and sea.
Wine makes most things better!


I'm so jealous! Cranky toddler and all! Enjoy your vacation, I'm sure the wine will help!

The Un-Organized Mom


Have a great vacation anyway...I would LOVE to be at the beach right now!!

Kami's Khlopchyk

Wine is a necessity. Hopefully she will come around on the beach. No doubt this is all the doing of some goose somewhere (I laughed out loud when you said that in one of your earlier posts).

Enjoy your vacation.


hopefully tomorrow is a better day! or just throw her in the water...either one!

The Rambler

You mean mean mommy :)

Trying to make her have fun and enjoy the beach and water? Are you mad woman?

Yes. Wine.Is.Necessary.


Have a great time though.

Housewife Savant

By the time you're ready to come home you'll have to DRAG her out.


Wow! Ha! That's funny! I hope she warms up to the idea soon. The ocean should be a great place to make great memories! Well, I guess that's a memory made anyway. :)


haha sounds like... uhh... fun? kinda.. haha


Oh the joys of vacation!

Good luck with the beach...maybe she'll adjust. Last year when we went Matthew waited until we got there to let us know he couldn't get in the water because of sharks.

And he wasn't kidding.

Good thing the condo had a pool, lol. And yes, wine helps ALOT;)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Have FUN!!!


Enjoy your vacation! :)

I am going to be driving through OH when we move up to WI. :)

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