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Wow, I have 134 followers. I feel like I need to declare today National Leave Cammie A Comment Day because I know that out of all 134 of you only about 20 of you fail to kill a fairy. Not sure what I am talking about? Go read my comment box.

I heart ALL 134 of you and I want to PLAY with you all! I can no longer see my followers here at work (darn filter software gives me a big old HEY WE ARE WATCHING YOU every time I pull up my blog)so come on out of lurk mode so I can see who you are. I know I tend to be a bit scary at times but I promise that (for the most part) I am nice. I don't bite. much.

Don't kill the fairies guys. They are people too.

I have been incognito for a few days now and I have realized that it is because I am a bit stressed about my upcoming trip to DC this weekend. I'm pretty excited about 6 days away with my husband but I'm starting to stress leaving the kiddos. Add that to the fact that I hate to fly and I'm a bit frazzled. I'm hoping that once we actually GET there and I find out that my 3 year old is not rocking in a corner crying for her mommy (I know Pierce will be fine, he is actually excited to spend 6 days with his cousins)I will calm down a bit. If I DO find out that 3 year old is not rocking in a corner crying for her mommy I will probably just stay hammered all week and try not to throw up on anyone important to my husband's job. YES I'm kidding, but it is kind of fun to watch Joe get all twitchy when I tell him that.

Now.....YOU.....go forth and comment. Yep, I am looking at YOU

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37 people fed my need for attention:

Hey Mama where's my...

I'm here, I killed a fairy!! Hope you are having a great day at work :)


Yep, that's why I am number 5 in the "Top Stalker" list! :)


I'm hereeeeeee.


I'm Here. Hope you have a great day.

E @ Scottsville

Eh, you know I'm here cuz you can ALWAYS count on me for a comment. Sometimes you prolly wish I'd SHUT UP, huh?! ha ha ha j/k

So anyhow, while reading your post, I thought you said you were excited about 6 days away "from" your husband. Then I went back when I realized he was going "with" you and saw that you were looking forward to being "with" him. Made me laugh.


I love fairies and am compelled to comment!
You will Rock the House in D.C., Girlfriend I know you will!
The kiddos will be great, it will be tough, but they will have a BLAST!!
Okay, Stalkers, time to pony up to the Cammie Bar and pour her a Tall Stiff One!!


Hey homey! So you will be three hours from me. You should come visit :)

I always leave comments. I am not a lurker. So I guess I am just taking part in National Leave Cammie a Comment day!

I'm just me...

Just wanted to say hi on National Leave Cammie a Comment Day. Hope you and the hubbs have a great time on your trip!

The Un-Organized Mom

6 days away WITH your hubby, that sounds wonderful!! But, my kids are older and I know how hard it was when I left them just for a weekend when they were little. But they were fine, and they enjoyed the time they spent being spoiled by the grandparents. I'm sure your little ones will have a great time with their go enjoy yourself!!

Drink some for me!!! =)


I love Tinkerbell! Have a wonderful time in DC!


Thanks for all the comments you leave me:) I have been baadd in the bloggy world lately about keeping up!
You (and your kids!) will be fine on your trip. My husband and I took our first trip ever without the kids this spring, and although I missed them, once I got there, I quickly forgot how bad (lol), and I don't think my kids even noticed we were gone, except for the little one.
Ahhhh.. kids~they keep you humble!


Happy National Leave Cammie a Comment Day! And congrats on your followers. I'm pretty new to the bloggy world, but I will try to be better about commenting :) Thanks for all your comments too! And have fun in DC!

The Wife O Riley

134??!! I was impressed with my 63.

It will be 3 days into the trip when the kids finally realize that you're not there. They will have a great time.

Matt won't let me around his work anymore. Have a wonderful trip.


Ok, I do have a fairy tat on my ankle, so I really don't want to kill one. :-) Have a good time in DC, I'm planning on taking my husband there this summer, he's never been there. We are only a couple hours from there.


Ok, I do have a fairy tat on my ankle, so I really don't want to kill one. :-) Have a good time in DC, I'm planning on taking my husband there this summer, he's never been there. We are only a couple hours from there.


I'm lost on the fairies, but I'm ALWAYS a faithful commenter...even if I am a bit slow. :) Enjoy your trip as much as you can...I won't tell you to go and forget the kids, have fun! I couldn't do that on my vacay, so I understand. It's weird now that we're all...parental, and stuff. Ick.

Team Och

Hello there! And since my hubby just came home from Iraq and I am spending this time writing YOU a comment instead of luvin on him, you MUST know how much I love Miss Cammie!

Kristina P.

I hope you have a great time in DC. I hate to fly too!

Sally's World

Hi honey, I'm here supporting national leave cammie a comment day...xoxoxoxo


I'm here! Whew--Tinker Bell lives another day!

Jim Brochowski

Okay - sometimes I stalk, but I have my own stalkers too. A frustrating fact of blogging.

Glad that you said what so many would like to. I'll mention that when I tweet this post. ;-)


Fairy killing? What!?! What did I miss? I've off to read the comments and try and figure it all out!


I'm here every day sister


I'm a regular here, but I'll comment anyway!! I don't wanna kill Tinker Bell, I love her! This is a great idea, I have a lot more followers than I get comments. I average like maybe 10 comments & I have 80 followers! What's up with that!?

Miss Know It All

This is the Twilight fan from Alslummymummies! Fan isn't the correct word. Freak would be closer to the truth...

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Um I always comment....

Duuuuude. 134 stalkers? Niiiice. It must be the geese hatred.

You are gonna have a rockin' time on your trip. I just know it! :-)


Have fun in DC! I went there last year and it is one of my absolute favorite cities. Make sure you take a night to do the nighttime monument tour--they are spectacular during the day, but absolutely stunning when they're all lit up.


I'm your top #2!!! So you know me! Familiar face. Familiar taste in all men of hotness... and familiar in plenty other things I'm sure. :)

I'm excited about your trip! I'm sure all will be fine!


Stopping by from SITS! Nice blog. Have a nice, safe trip to DC!


lol! My kids too have that lack of respect for sleep. What's the deal? And how can we fix it. I would love to know. What an exciting thought at getting to spend a little free time away from the kids. I would love that. lol at making ur husband squirm. I'm sure your kiddos will be good, and you guys will have a great time. Enjoy it! Oh and thanks for the warm welcome to SITS! :)


I am here! ♥ HUGS ♥


P.S. Come on over and check out my new book giveaway blog :)


Hi! i hope we are going to get to see pictures of you dressed up in DC! you know if you don't let us. that also causes fairies to die....

on the other hand, for each pic you show, a goose somewhere will drop dead:)

have a great day!


Have fun!!


Oh wow, congrats!
You deserve it, your blog is great!

Take care,


Thanks for stopping by and welcoming me! Cute blog!


Hi Cammie, those are a lot of followers!
I mostly just stalk you over on the book blog, but occasionally look to see how life is treating you.
I hope you are able to enjoy your trip to DC, as stressful as it is to leave the kids, fly etc, the time with your hubby should be worth it!
Have a super weekend!

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