Sunday, June 14, 2009

DC Trip Part 2

We are finally home but not without a bit of drama of course. I swear I am like a magnet for it

The rest of our week was just as chaotic as the first few days. We were going non stop from about 6AM to 8PM each day. When they said we would be exhausted by the end of the week they were NOT kidding

The days are starting to run together so I am hoping I get this right. Wed morning we toured this random little jet called AIRFORCE 2!! That was SO.FREAKING.COOL!!! We got to sit in the cockpit, and in VP Biden's seat on the plane. While we were there at the base we also saw Airforce 1 come in to land but President Obama was not on it.

From there we went to the Pentagon and had a tour there. The coolest part of that was being able to spend some time in the 9/11 memorial there. It was very serene there, from the outside we could see the side of the building where the plane crashed, we stood in the area that was covered with debris

We also went to Arlington Cemetery to get a VIP seat for the changing of the guard. That was cool but even COOLER was getting to go into their quarters where they get ready to go out to the tomb. We got to see them get prepped to head out and talked to them a bit too.

Thursday was random do what we wanted day! Our escorts took us to see the White House and then over to the Washington Monument. We also spent about an hour in one of the museums...saw some cool stuff there. Thursday night was the formal banquet where the 6 winners were given a HUGE brass statue that had to be shipped to us, and some other award type things. The banquet was nice but I thought I was going to puke when I had to "escort" Joe down the stairs, through the entire crowd and up on the stage to be introduced.

Friday morning we got up at 4:15 to catch our 5:30 flight. Which got delayed. 4 times. Then got cancelled. this time I was SO tired that I just wanted to get home to my kids. So. We rented a car and drove 6 hours home. Seeing as I don't like to fly anyways it was not a bad deal for me.

This trip was AWESOME. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I am not sure I can ever go back to DC and just see it as a civilian. It was so cool to get the VIP treatment all week. I am so so proud of Joe for being one of the top 6 Airman in the Air National Guard.

That said....It was a long week of being nice to everyone, watching my mouth and kissing the butt's of super important people. That is exhausting. I told Joe that once we got back into Ohio that "The Week Of Joe" was over and all attention was to be focused back on ME. We have been married for 6 years and he had 6 days of all about him. That is an average of 1 day a year. Not too bad right?

Joe coming off of Airforce 2 pretending to be the President

Airforce 1 landing

If you look close you can see the difference in the coloring of the wall, that is where the building had to be rebuilt
More awards

Abe Lincoln's hat on display at the museum.

THE Ruby Slippers Some important guy lives here
So the squirrels in DC are super nice. This little guy was eating a snickers bar out of my hands. So very cute. Much nicer than geese.

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Drama queens mum (Kimberly)

Great pics. I love the squirrel pic. They're so cute.


Congrats to Joe on winning such a great award/trip! You must be really proud!

Love D.C. Went on my senior trip, but as a teenaged civilian, so I'm sure I'd enjoy it much more now.

Proud of you for making it so long without your babies. That's hard, but so important to your marriage. Someday it will be just the two of you again; you need to make sure you still like each other by then, you know.

Glad you're home safe and sound.


Welcome Home!! Major Congrats, High Five, and a Booty Shake for your hubby. Did you check out the package on Mr.Squirrel, Cammie??? Whoa!!


Great pictures! Sounds like you had a very busy time, but a blast!

We went to DC when I was in school and went to all the places you went (without the cool VIP treatment though!). The changing of the guards was pretty cool!

Also, the squirrels ARE pretty nice. My friend chased one and I got the most hilarious picture of her chasing it. Good times. Also, we were in high school so we hid in the bushes and use a whoopy cushion and laughed hysterically at everyone who looked around at Mount Vernon.....


Anyway, here's to week of rest and huge congrats to the hubby!

Night Owl Mama

saw you title on another blog and I had to visit. My house is the house of no sleep too! I have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old. LOL

WOW how proud you must be of your husband. Congratulations and what a amazing TRip.

thanks for the shot of the Ruby slippers I love WIzard of Oz.
Now I have to get to Dc thanks

Kristina P.

This makes me miss DC. I've been several times, but not in many years! How fun!

Wonderful World of Weiners

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E @ Scottsville

I love the pic of your hubs stepping out of the plane acting like the Pres.

When I saw you had a new post, my first words were "Sheeee's BAAAACK!" =0)


So glad you had such a great time! In spite of the stress... and the lack of attention on you. :) You've got an awesome hubby though! Willing to give you all attention unless he's forced into such a well-deserved spotlight! :) What a wonderful thing!

The Un-Organized Mom

Looks like you had a lot of fun! and I'm assuming the kids did ok while you were gone?

Glad your back!

Mommy of M's

Wow the tour sounds awesome. I think getting to see where the guards at the Tomb get ready would be so amazing!!
Glad you had such a good time!


Loved reading about your trip, and your pictures! Happy SITS day. :)


Melissa B.

Mrs. Scribe, here, reporting in from DC. Glad you enjoyed your time in our Wonderful City!


Wow - what an amazing opportunity.
It sounds like you both had an amazing time. I bet you were so proud.

That squirrel pic is awesome!


looks like it was fun....congrats to Joe of course


Yay Joe! :) Glad you guys had a good time! What an honor!


Congratulations to Joe. You must be so proud of him...but like they say, behing each great man there is a great woman ;0)


Way to go Joe! Congratulations!

And congratulations to you for not puking down the isle. ;-)

It sounds like you both had a fabulous time.


hi cammie,
so much to write about here! lol. first of all, welcome to DC! it looks like you enjoyed everything including our summer heat! yuck! congrats on your day in the sun as queen sista, which was a nice way to return after your visit with your husband (congrats to him to on his award!)and week of basking his glory in the sun! you really did get the vip treatment and saw things most ppl who live in dc their whole lives don't! lucky you! it is always nice to have a small break with your hubby w/o the kids i know this is probably harder on u then the kids though, after being through this so called thing called marriage and motherhood for 24 years! lol... anyhow, what sorority are you in? nice you keep in touch w/those sista's... keep in touch with this sista anytime, stop by and say "hi!" also fyi i noticed your disney "count down" i just started a "monday mornings with the mouse" as an ode to the little fella and mouseland, feel free to join in the fun on mondays and link on!


Congrats to Joe! I would LOVE to see Air Force One!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Congrats to Joe again!! Weve missed you! Welcome back!

Skin eScentuals

What a cool trip! Congratulations to your hubby - he deserved those concert tickets hehe!Congrats to you on your SITS day


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