Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Conversation With Pierce

Pierce is one of those kids that will ask you the most RANDOM questions. One's that you don't so much have an answer for so you have to make something up fairly quickly so he does not realize that you do NOT know everything. He also tends to bust out with some interesting thoughts from time to time and those thoughts tend to take him interesting places. This morning was one of those occasions

This morning Mallory was sitting up on the counter and while I was putting her hair up she was holding a lemon and she smelled it. I asked her if she could smell it and Pierce busts out with the following:

"Mommy if you smell something that means it smells bad"

"No bud, if you smell something it can smell either good OR bad and if something smells bad sometimes we say it stinks"

"oh, well the lemon does not stink"

"nope, lemons smell good"

"well you know what DOES stink?"



I thought I was going to die laughing. See, here in Ohio we take our college football pretty seriously and as a graduate from The Ohio State University this makes his mommy proud.

Go Bucks!

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18 people fed my need for attention:

The Rambler

That was kick butt.



Good morning to you, too. What a cute story. I know that those Ohio fans are pretty, oh what's the word? Fanatical? Loyal?


Gotta get 'em young, that's what we do here in Big 12 country, too. :) Glad to see you're developing his keen sense for rivalry. VERY important.


That is hilarious! He is right... Michigan does stink!


Yeah for Pierce!! Go Buckeyes!! (please don't hate me even though I'm a XU grad from Cincy, okay??)


I don't think I realized you were in Ohio! We are too. We live about an hour south of Cincy!

And LOL that is hilarious! My husband doesn't really support Ohio State which I find funny since he is a die hard Bengals, Bearcats, and Reds fan.

But he hates Michigan so, he'd love that LOL


I'm not a sports fan or Michigan alum, so I will take no offense to this indoctrination. LOL

Joy, a Michigan Welcomista


Kristina P.

haha! Your kids are hilarious!

E @ Scottsville

Ha ha ha, out of the mouths of babes, huh? =0)

Too cute!


You are totally corrupting your children!

Not that I don't think Michigan stinks; really, I have no opinion either way. We do love OSU, though, esp Elijah.

It is true; kids say the darndest things!


I wonder if one day he'll try to actually smell "Michigan" -perhaps one of the players? :) Ha!


some day some how, we are gonna have to let our boys meet and play, and then secretly record them.....we could make millions:)


What a great post. Stopping by from SITS to leave some bloggy love!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Cute! Ahh, the awesome way young minds work. Now? I am ready for another geese story. STAT.

Mother of Multiples

So glad you stopped by! So many fantastic women to meet...I am playing catch up! Thanks for the warm SITS welcome!

4 Twin Boys and a Princess

That is too funny! My son plays football for Michigan (#75), and is now coaching there, so it is TWICE as funny that your little man came out with that! I am in the Houston area living, however.
Thanks for a gut-busting blog that keeps my spirits up!


Uh oh...I guess U of M fans should be careful while venturing around on this page! Cute story :)


I was brainwashed as a young child, too...that is hysterical! And, he's right. lol!

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