Friday, June 5, 2009

I am the bestest most awesome-est wife EVER if I do this....right?

So BFF Liz has informed this this morning that the New Kids on the Block just so happen to be in DC at the same time as ME! Quelle' Coincedence......I had the AWESOME idea to buy tickets and surprise Joe with them. Oh, he would be surprised. I could tell him that they were for know, cuz he won this big award. How thoughtful of me to surprise him with concert tickets while we are away. Wonder what would happen if I actually did this.

I mean that would really only benefit him because I would get all hot and bothered at the concert and.....well, you know. Again, win win for him. I am SUCH a good wife. hmmmmmm

No, I did not actually DO this. Not that I did not think about it. Still waiting on him to call me back so I can ask him if we can go and listen to him say hells no

Off to DC tomorrow!! I will update when I can, pray my little one does not pine away for her mommy while we are gone.....the big one is like "BYE, See you when you get back

PS I had a request from Sara for additional chapters to the "I Hate Geese" saga....I will have to get into this when I get back but the bastard office geese are gone for the season. And no I did not kill them.

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12 people fed my need for attention:

Kristina P.

Have a great time in DC!


LOL I think you DID kill the geese!

E @ Scottsville

Hoping you have a FABULOUS trip!!! =0)

Mommy of M's

Have fun in DC, I think the tix would be a great gift!


I am very happy that you didn't harm the geese, but for your sake, I am also happy they've migrated away for the summer. :) I hope you get to go to the get all hot and bothered. How fun. LOL

Sally's World

enjoy, can't wait to hear all about it!


have a great time!!!!


Have a great time Cammie! And yep, I'm among the blog world, when I remember to do it. I read through some of your blog, and of course, you had me rolling! Thanks for the laughs...especially the geese!


Have fun in DC, hopefully the geese have not relocated there. ;)


oh you would be a totally awesome wife... ;)

have fun in dc!! it's awesome there!


Have a great time on your trip!


Have a great time in DC!

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