Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear So and So

I almost forgot that it was the day to send out my hate mail love notes to all who have blessed me this past week. If you want to play along head on over to Kat's place and link up.

Dear Kat,

I heart you, I heart your blog. But I hate you just a tiny bit right now for being too busy to blog because you are "roaming the English countryside" rub it in why don't you,
Love, Jealous in Ohio

Dear Joe,
I don't feel good today and I'm trying to keep this in mind when I find myself being annoyed at you calling me 18 times today while trying to get stuff ready to leave after work. Really though, you needed my advice on a swim suit for Pierce? You are there, I am at work, make a decision and move on

Love, your cranky wife

Dear Sister In Law,
Thanks for pissing Joe off on father's day. You pissed off one sister on Halloween so I am guessing that 4th of July goes to the last sister. For what it's worth, Joe does not get THAT angry all that often and you made him wreck the car in the garage pissed and that takes a lot.
Hating Drama That I Do Not Cause, Cammie

Dear Kallie the Cat,
I love that you have started to sleep with us. I'm not sure you realize just how lucky you are that Scarlet allows this. However, if you continue to kneed my stomach for 20 minutes to make what is already squishy fit your comfort needs I will send you down to Florida to make friends with the serial cat killer.

Love, Mommy

My Darling Mallory,
I know you are scared of thunder storms but I promise they will NOT kill you. Kindly remove yourself from my ass

Love, Mommy

Dear Michael Jackson,
While you did get a bit strange over the years, I will always remember that Thriller was the first video I ever saw on MTV. You are an icon of my childhood and your death will be the Elvis of my generation

Rest In Piece, Cammie

Dear HTML,
Typing you out gets on my nerves. which explains the lack of consistency between paragraphs on this post. This is me not caring.
Love Cammie

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20 people fed my need for attention:

The Wife O Riley

I hear ya about the kneading cat! I have kicked my share out of bed for that reason alone.

As weird as MJ was, he was a spectacular entertainer and will be missed.


I have a cat who kneads...and kneads...and kneads some more...and if you don't give her attention right away she'll swat your face...but gently.

Happy Friday!


lmao at kneading. hilarious!

you always brighten up my day with your posts!


He is certainly the Elvis of our times. How sad we have to experience this so early in his life, but at the same lucky we are that we got to experience HIM.

Your SIL sounds peachy. I might be happy I have essentially NO in-laws.

The cat and Mallory sound lovely in the evening time. Between your ass getting squeezed and your tummy getting pushed around, you might be able to consider that a workout. Just check with your nearest gym.

Happy Friday.

E @ Scottsville

Oh my goodness, the one to Mallory just really "CRACKED" me up!

Too funny, Cam! And thanks for this idea. After I saw yours last week, I had to join in this week!



Dear Cammie,

I <3 your posts. I appreciate your geese hating and Twilight loving ways. Tell your Moron SIL to get a clue. I am sending you virtual vino in the vintage of your choice.

Your LA pal, Martha

Sally's World

great post, made me smile xxx

Mommy of M's

Love it!!

I'm on the same page with the cat and the kid!!


These are great! Love the one to Kat and the one to Mallory!

Kristina P.

Dear The Hoff,

I want your hot sexy body.

Housewife Savant

I love this. Brilliant idears here; cracking me UP.


Amen to that last one!


I love the so & so. they make me happy.


If it counts for anything I did stop by your blog and read it outloud to my parents!




LOL!! I love the kneading cat!! hilarious! I can't stop laughing...

Alex the Girl

A freaking men.


Dear news media outlets,
Yes he was the King of Pop, though over the years you all really got off trashing him, and it is a tragedy that he has passed away. I myself am saddened over this. But I feel that there are only so many times we can watch the story of his life over and over and over in 36 hours as well as Thriller, Beat It, and Billie Jean. My brain has fried, lets take a break at least until his family has a memorial or something.

PS Cammie, L♥ve your letters!


Hilarious it. I am so with you there.


i think this kind of post is therapeutic! maybe i need to do one!


hahahaha! I think I am going to start doing this on my blog... but not until I get back from my vacation to the lake (yay!)

oh... :)

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