Thursday, June 25, 2009

A plague upon my house

You know what sucks? Pierce getting strep. You know what else sucks? ME getting strep. You know what sucks the most? Pierce and I getting strep 2 days before we leave for vacation and just waiting for Mallory and Joe to be struck down

Yes the sickie ickies have descended upon The House Of No Sleep. No doubt caused by a goose somewhere. Pierce was sent home with a fever on Wed, diagnosis strep. I stayed home with him yesterday, started feeling a little nasty as the day went on so I took myself to the Dr. He handed me my amoxocillan and sent me on my way.

One thing about sick Cammie is that I do NOT screw around with sleep. I took the kids to school today and came home and slept until noon. I sound SUPER sexy and manly today...kind of like my name should be Marge and I should be driving a bus somewhere.

We leave tomorrow for vacation....we are beach bound and I am SO excited to play with the kids at the beach...praying that Mallory and Joe don't get sick in the next few days.

Please excuse my lack of comments these last few days....I was cuddling with my sick boy yesterday and today I'm just kind of laying on the couch feeling all BLAH. Since I have a sick obsession with my laptop I have a hard time being unconnected to the Internet I will be blogging away from the beach while we are gone!

Since I am fresh out of wittiness today I will leave you with a Pierce funny. Yesterday we were at the Dr reading a book in the waiting room and the story mentioned a housekeeper. Pierce asked me what a housekeeper was. I told him it was someone who cooked and cleaned and took care of the house and that mommy wishes SHE had one. His response....We do.....DADDY! God I love that kid.

18 people fed my need for attention:

Mommy of M's

Hope you feel better, have a great vacation.


Hope you feel better soon! That really is sucky!

Funny story about Pierce though. That is good stuff!

E @ Scottsville

Ha ha ha...

That's pretty funny! "We do, Daddy!"

ha ha ha

Hope you feel better soon... along with Pierce - and I hope the other two just STAY well!


Feel better soon, and I hope no one else gets it.
Pretty funny about the housekeeper.......I want one too, because even our daddy doesnt' do all that stuff!


Sick sucks.

Sick on vacation sucks even more.

Hope the antibiotics kick in quickly, and the other half of your fam stays healthy.

Which beach are you going to?


Just have the doc on speed dial so that if the hubby and the girl get to feeling icky, he can shoot you a prescription and they'll feel better just a day into the trip. Or scope out the closest "quick care" drug stores that do the in-store check. The nice thing about amoxi is that it's fast acting, generally speaking. Get better and have fun!

Kristina P.

Strep his horrible. I hope you all feel better!

Tammy Howard

Oh I hope you're all better for vacation! Nothing worse than being sick at the beach!

Baby News

Hi! I just stumbled onto our blog from Brandy's. I have to tell you, I haven't been sick in years until I had my son. Within 5 months, he gave me several colds and a nasty stomach virus that knocked both me and my husband down. I feel for you!


Daddy LOL! That is great!

Hope you and and your wee man get to feeling better soon! Strep is the pits!

Enjoy your vacation (btw it seems like you're having tons of vacations and I don't think that's fair. I think you should give me one. Okay? Thanks!)


:) I'm SORRY you're sick!!! NO FUN! I hope your vacation goes ok anyway and that you'll get better fast!

What a cute kid! You're so blessed to have a hubby that helps! And that your kid notices! So sweet!

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought

Yuck. Strep is the worst.


haha! i like pierce's story! feel better soon and have an awesome vacation!!


Enjoy your vacation! I hope the House of No Sleep is feeling better soon!


Such wisdom from your son. I hope you all feel better soon. Your Yorkie sounds like a riot!!


hahahahaha!! you crack me up! hope you get better soon oh annnnnd hope you have an AWESOME vacation!! woohoo!


You are so funny, Cammie! As sick as you are, your sense of humor is still in tact... I hope you guys get better very soon and that you're able to enjoy your vacation! xoxo


Strep is awful. I hope you all feel better soon and are able to enjoy your vacation. I actually thought of you yesterday. Creepy, from a total stranger, I admit, but here's the story:
I was stuck in a traffic jam on Roberts Road. What was the problem? A HUGE line of freakin' GEESE crossing the street! My first thought was "WWCD?" Sadly, I was about 5 cars back, and no one in front of me tried to approach ramming speed. They just all honked repeatedly at these lazy suckers. Um, hello? You can fly, why are are walking so slowly across the street?? I wish I could say you inspired me to run them all over, but I chickened (geesed?) out.

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