Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teenage girls are EVIL

How do you I know this you ask? Being the mother of a 3 year old daughter I cannot possibly know this. Well let me tell you HOW I know this.

My poor Edward.....please note the following which is taken from a site that I stalk...

Rob Pattinson is quickly learning the hazards of filming a movie in New York City - he was hit by a taxi cab on Thursday while running away from hysterical fans! witnessed the Twilight star get clipped by a cab around noon in front of the Strand Bookstore on Broadway and 12th Street.

He was not hurt.

The 23-year-old London-born actor had been inside most of the morning filming scenes for his new movie Remember Me.

A team of five security guards were trying to fend off a crowd of teenaged girls when Rob was leaving the bookstore.

It was pouring rain as they tried to hustle him quickly across the busy street to the safety of his trailer.

Some of the teen girls were hysterical and Rob rushed across the road. As he did so, a taxi grazed him. The cabbie slammed on his brakes as soon as he realized what had happened.

It appeared as if the cab hit Rob in the hip. He stood there for a moment looking stunned. The bodyguard next to him checked if he was okay and then screamed at the fans: "You see what you did, you almost killed him!"

Pattinson will be shooting around Manhattan for the next four weeks

SERIOUSLY.....all of you stupid Edward Rob Pattinson obsessed teen girls almost killed MY boyfriend. Simmer down and dont make me sick the Voluti on you. And how did ALICE not see this coming?? If you are going to stalk him please do it like an adult and resort to peaking in his windows at night and sending him snips of your hair.

KIDDING.......or AM I?

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21 people fed my need for attention:

Jim Brochowski

Maybe not evil, but definitely a challenge. If I told those stories I'd have a blog post a day for sure.


Yeah, I saw that and wanted to travel to NY myself just to be his bodyguard! Of course, I would have to guard him with my entire body... minus a few clothes... Ahem... :)

Kristina P.

Would it be the worst thing in the world?

Haha! KIDDING!!!!

Tammy Howard

Teenagers scare the living shit out of me.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I agree with Tammy.


LOL Wow, I think what the bodyguard yelled the most hilarious part of this entire thing. OF course, I was laughing at it all. (sorry about your b/f)

Tricia McWhorter

I love your "adult" stalking suggestions. Yes, yes. Snippets of hair.


wth is the voluti? do you mean volturi? edward would not be happy with this slip up.

and can i also add that i do not enjoy robert pattinson. i just wish he would be edward cullen permanently. the more i see robert pattinson on tv, the less i'm loving the whole twilight saga. he's ruining it for edward!


yeah, they are evil! i think you r gonna have to take some more serious action, such as multiple restraining orders....

Sarah Jensen

LOL. Er, not that he got hit by a cab, but how to stalk properly.

The Un-Organized Mom

damn teenage girls!


OMG I love you so much.


And hmmm...being that I am 45 minutes away from NYC, that means I am 45 minutes away from Edward. I'm thinking field trip.

Cindy DG

Dropping in to say hi from SITS :)

Alex the Girl

You may have to him. You his new personal body guard.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Sorry, he's all taken and stuff.

Sally's World

scary, obsessive, stalking teenage fans are what they aim for though, maybe he should have better body guards...okay, i'll apply for the job, its tough, but someone has to do it!

E @ Scottsville

Ahhhh, so you have addiction problems yourself, hey? I've yet to see Twilight (I know, you're horrified at that), but I actually am planning to see it with a friend now. She's talked me into it. =0)

Glad your Sweety is okay!


That's so funny! I love your posts.

Connie Weiss

Oh my. That is terrible. I could have sworn he was my sister's boyfriend.

Housewife Savant

No one can make it sound so uncreepy and absolutely normal to love Twilght this much.

You're awesome.

(I thought of you Monday while swimming near a ginormous gaggle of geese. I shouted curses at 'em. Er, I THOUGHT curses TOWARDS 'em.)

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