Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

Happy Monday!! All over the bloggy world people are happily posting their NOT ME MONDAY's to say how happy their are that STELLAN is HOME with his family!! Finally on the right combo of meds to keep his little heart working until he is old enough for another surgery! Head over to MckMama's blog if you are one of the last 5 people on earth who don't know who Stellan and MckMama are.

Sooooo, last week was kind of boring actually.....not a lot of things to NOT tell you about. hmmmm.

I did NOT deal with Mallory's temper tantrums at least 5 times last week. Each time I did NOT have to close windows in fear that the neighbors would hear and call children's services. I do NOT play that conversation in my head over and over....."no Ms Social Work Person, I have NOT been beating my me, I have realllllllly wanted to but this performance is 100% ass beating free"

I did NOT go to the gym 3 times last week.....this did NOT make me happy because I am NOT serious about losing weight......I do NOT have a little over a month to drop some lbs before our trip to DC

Speaking of DC.....The fam did NOT head out to the airforce base in Dayton so Joe could get fit for a "mess dress" uniform which apparently is the military's version of a tux--which he will NOT be wearing when he accepts the awesome award that he won.
Why did the entire fam go on a trip to buy a uniform? Because I do NOT get excited to shop at the class 6 liquor store with cheap wine and no tax. Not one bit.
And start my new week off on the right foot.....I did NOT snap THIS picture on my way in this morning....

I did NOT at all fear that they would dive bomb me on my way into the office.

16 people fed my need for attention:


LOL They will not dive bomb you. Very funny the blog today.

Carol and GJ x

E @ Scottsville

Are those GEESE up there?

ha ha ha

Happy Monday to you too, Cammie!

Mommy of M's

I've never seen geese on the top of a building like that!! How funny!


Good for you for NOT getting to the gym three times last week! (That was way better than my ONE time...)

How exciting for you and your husband to celebrate his award; can't wait to see pics of the actual event!

I'm thrilled that Stellan is back home; her pics of Stellan and Small fry in the backyard were adorable. That girl sure knows how to dress her babies, doesn't she?


Lover, those geese are biding their time and will GET YOU!! They are coming for you....


I am so NOT Thrilled Stellan is home w/his McFamily!
I am so NOT Proud of you for NOT Going to the gym!!
I am so NOT Jealous of your trip to DC!
I am so NOT Proud and Pleased for your hubby's award!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

You know they were waiting just for you ...right?

Congrats to Joe on his award!! Woot! Woot!


Yeah, I am a waiting on CPS to come a knockin on my door too! Happy Monday! At least the kids are at the sitter's! :)

Janna Bee

Because of you I am so NOT scared of Geese! happy Not Me Monday! And yay for Stellan.

Kami's Khlopchyk

Ha! Silly goose....or geese :)

Good luck on the weight loss journey, I know you will succeed! Go CAMMIE!

Hey Mama where's my...

good luck on the weight loss goals, and way to go on not beating her butt :) happy monday to you too and thanks for stopping by~


Yay for getting the tux, and going to the gym. LOL about the geese!

Kristina P.

So, I tried to comment on your blog at work, this morning, but when I clicked over, all it showed was the header and sidebar, and no posts.

I'm glad I remember to click over!

And yay for Stellan being home!

E @ Scottsville

Hey Cammie, just wanted you to know I left you a little somethin' over on my blog today.

Have a happy Tuesday!


Yay for getting to the gym and avoiding being dive-bombed by geese!


LOL LOVE THIS! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I hear you on the closing the windows thing. We did the same thing Monday night during a restraint with my son (loooooong story...I blog about him often) and he was screaming "You're BREAKING MY ARM!!!" *sigh* Kids.

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